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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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How did you do your large bases?
I've never played Manowar (heard it a lot though).

These little warships take me back to a time before warhammer, boltguns and dice.

A time of model planes and ships. Long hours in the shed buolding boats, eagerly putting them into the stream and ... often wathing them sink.

Good work.
That chain skirt make him look like a giant princess. But I like chains. I would make sense to put chains on the angry giant and just cut him loose, when he needs to break stuff. And then having to put new chains on him after the battle.

You could add some spikes and skulls to the end of some chains.

The hook are great. Good use of plastik sprue. I would trim of a bit more of all the sides though. And then add some rivets/bolts with thin plastic rod. It makes it much easier to make the metal look good, some part to hightlight and for wash to gather around.

I'll steal the sprue hook idea for a giant - eventually. Properly after I made everything on the armylist.
Interesting conversion. How did you remove the bull centaur head from the rest of the torso?
Abecedar, I just bought a giant because of your siege giant. The armor and the beautiful big pick. So my ohrde will have a siege giant... some day. Besides from hobggoblins I now have bits for every unit in the list.
Ah, lava bases! Been putting out doing them myself. Thinking "I'll wait and do all of them at once". That is a bad mistake Abcedar, it's super boring - and I only had to do 26, and 5 movement trays.

It's simply not fun to look at a finished beautiful model - and then have to add 1 brown, 3 washes, 6 red/orange/yellow, 2 washes, gloss varnish and stastic gras. ... And then do that again and again.

From now on I do the bases right when the miniatures are done! But I'm just about to be finished with all those "hanging" projects - and that feels really good.

Good luck! it's worth the work!
Is it a gigantic birthday cake?

Abecedar Wrote:
Well not much was too be seen of CD's for sale at the Cancon.  I got a few War Beast two-headed dogs to convert into something but mostly I bought the X-Wing game and some of the other X-Wing game models.

There were two Cd armies being fielded in the tournament.  The owners are not members here and they gracefully allowed me to take some photos.  Would it be kosher to post them here do you think.

Sure. Either here or throw them into the showcase section in a Cancon post.

Poor giant. I feel very bad for him.

Super great model Abecedar. So much character in him. Better than your first giant.
I'm planning your emissary too. I think it'll Mad Max. Ash Wastes. After End Times post apocalypse. Your army and paint style is like this too. An idea if taking form as I write.

Great updates.  The unitfillers are nice. Super cool war machine.

Can't remember: Do you ever play?

How about sharing an armyshot? You should have an army medal man. I'll throw together as list from an armyshot.

Abecedar Wrote:

Bloodbeard Wrote:
.........   Can't remember: Do you ever play?

I do or I mean to say that I would if I could. I haven't had a game in almost a year.  It has sort of died out at our local club and my son is not that interested anymore

Time to take away some privileges.

That's a lot of stuff to be working on at one time... Wow...

I'll try and do something like that. Have 4-6 models besides my main project. In order to get through some of all that all metal that's getting into my project box.
I really like it! Where is the skelephant from?

My favourite bit on this model is the weathered bronze scales - such a neat looking piece.

I think your base deserves a bit mire work though, too empty. Maybe add some rocks, more bones or wash it to death.

You can always field it as a Destroyer in your army.
Very great stuff, a shiny diamond has been awarded.
Tried to fix it for you. ... That makes no sense!
Nice progress Abecedar. Adding entire regiments painted at a time. Good way yo expand the army.

And congratulations on getting round bases on the BB team. I guarantee they'll play better this way.

tjub Wrote:
Hehe, thats a cool Minotaur! Happy

Yes, its possible to play all hobgoblins they are 0-16.

Though that team might get a pretty big CAS score against it.

Fill it up with "sneaky git" and "dirty players".

The chainmail banner is really great Abecedar! Very nice indeed.
Love those ships. And the converted grapling ship is awesome!
Your ability to cobble together such a varied amount of bits and materials into something so cool is really inspiring. I just absolutely love everything about this model, I also love the blue and black steps that you made. They have the perfect blue glazed Assyrian tile look to them. Congratulations on your incredibly well deserved gold medal, this is a favorite!
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