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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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You have an incredible collection - you are very lucky :-)

I acquired 65 mini's from someone up in Queensland

That`s a fine heap of models for a fair price, congratulations!
Doing all bases at once is the most efficient way, so do it. It doesn`t get better if you do it one by one Wink

Monthly updates are a great idea.
Thank you for the update on your activities. I am really looking forward to the entries of the Artisans Contest, great you`re making one.
Your two clans have both good colors, personally I prefer the black hatted dwarfs a little bit.
Hobgoblin wolf pack leader is a great composition.

Zarreks ambassador is proud to have accomplished the far journey to your tower and has important writings in his luggage ;-).

Abecedar Wrote:
The different regiments of big hats will be from individual septs within the one clan.   And I think I agree with you. The black and gold hat looks pretty good with my new armour scheme.   I want to keep the orange on my first big-hats hats and the failed volunteers will become a trio of colour scheme testers.  I've tried orange with gold trim on a lord but the gold disappeared.  So now I'm thinking orange and black with only smaller details in hawk turquoise.

Orange and black sounds good for me, too. Orange and turquoise could be a nice combo as well. I`m curious how you`ll combine that Takes Hat off (especially as I have a little big hat army in my shelf - couldn`t resist Wink - and did not decide about the colors yet)

That model is simply just nuts. A great one and you could also use it as a siege giant.

Congratulations to the khan models on wolf. They look awesome!
I like the orange hats of the "to-be-emissaries". Great additions to your force, even as ordinary soldiers Takes Hat off.
That list is really impressive. I`m sure you can manage it.
(For me that would end in a desaster Wink).
I`m especially looking forward to the GH entry and the Tau`ruk.
This was a great entry and was definitely in my close decision for a vote. I wished I could give distribute some points to minimum 4 or 5 entries, thas was a pity.
It reminds me of Undeath and the Tomb Kings of Khemri and hit the End Times theme on the spot. Thank you for that great entry!

(I have to admit that the "out of the mist" shot would have significantly improved the look of the model, didn`t think it was necessary to limit the pictures in this respect)
A good choice of models and nice to see that they fit well to each other Cheers!!
Please make an additional picture with better light, the pics do them models no justice Wink.
Nice hobgoblins.  I'd recommend giving the hair a wash with sepia to make them really pop.  Will you be giving them shields at some point?

Abecedar Wrote:
Damn these harsh Australian winters.

Aka a heatwave in Britain Tongue Wink

Fuggit Khan Wrote:
Beautiful Hobgoblins <3 ...and some very nice bases too. It's interesting to see the evolution of your bases over the past years.
And Hobgoblins with blonde hair, I think that might be a first Cheers!

You're assuming of course that they're natural blondes and they haven't just scalped some elves Tongue Wink

Island fortress got some swagger Happy
Shock Worh!

That regiment is completely crazy. ... So how do you manage living without a kitchen? Or did you swap something else for that? Is it your pension fund?

The miniatures are very nicely painted. The yellow/orange spot colour works wonders.
Saw this on the facebook. Didn't know there were floating fortresses in MoW. The second version is definately much better Abecedar.
I love the LED stuff! I've been wanting to know about this LED stuff for years, never gotten around to it. Lighting in terrain is cool.

This is a brilliant conversion. Will become a nice center model in your fleet.
I would extende the gate a bit, so it's almost a tunnel. That would ensure that nothing of the gun is hanging in the air. 1 or 2 extra layers of matches will do that.

Size is fine. Man-o-War is a bit over the top on sizes.
Great gifts! Superb. You didn't really have enough evil dwarf miniatures.

The sculpts for that big monster is really versalite, Mantic have gotten a lot from it. Lamassu style monster, dragon for elves, different dragon for bassilia and as a monster in a Dungeon Saga expansion.
Funny to see the Earthshakers aiming so high. Gives a feeling of "Doom from above" more than "Mortar to your face."

I like it Happy
That unit is bloody amazing! Wow, it's cool! So many bazooka teams.

The spacing between them work really well.
I prefer the left, but I'm never one for neutral colors. Also, you effective add an extra color, which makes the model on the right look like there's more going on than with the left. So left, despite being more colorful, has fewer different colors and seems more balanced to me.
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