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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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The bazookas and the swivel guns look awesome! The fiery muzzle color scheme is a great look on them and theirs so many of them! I can just imagine seeing those being set up across the table and thinking "I need to figure out how to not get shot by those".
Very nice blog. You certainly have some serious scratch-building skills. I especially like the flayed dwarfs ( I have seen pics somewhere else but didn't realise they were yours) and the siege giant is absolutely brilliant!

Loving the female Immortals!
I especially like the standard bearer and musician ( great find on those drums!).
I recognise  most of them but I'm trying to ID the rear rank second from right ( with the chest). Scratch-build?

Very nicely done on lighting the statue!
I have those very same tea lights which I have used as artillery markers for Bolt Action. Never thought of using them on a mini..... excellent idea!

I agree that using the copper wire is an excellent idea.
Just one question: If that is sewage coming out of those pipes what the hell have those Chaos Dwarfs been drinking?  Happy


Abecedar Wrote:
Don't know why but i chose a Great Taurus to get finished next, when I have a couple of dozens warriors half painted .

You sound just like me. I have loads of infantry that needs painting but keep getting side-tracked with stuff which looks more fun to paint! What's even worse I keep buying more minis so the rank and file go further down my to do list!
Very nice great Taurus. I thought that rider looked familiar. I wish I had thought of having the same one on multiple mounts. With regards to the wings I have similar problems when I take pics. Never look the same IRL.


Oooh I'm always interested to see what people pull off with the mantic AD minatures, they look like they have so much potential.
Hmm... it seems a little tinted, are you using white light bulbs?
that white correction filter looks like it did wonders! Its not difficult to find that sort of thing for free online (you don't need photo-shop).
Really well done! They look great and the coffin shape fits the classic marauder chaos dwarf perfectly Cheers!
Looking really great! The insertion base looks really well built, and the coffin shields are definitly starting to shine now that their painted.
Exellent cannons! love the models.

As to going about getting an even older school collection of maruader stlye chaos dwarves, what about something similar to an ass cannon for the magma cannon? Maybe a Dragon which is chained down with a pair of ogres, or team of dwarves pointing its head with a pair of handels or man-catchers? Some very good and very cheap dragons can be gotten from the Reaper Bones line which would probably be a ton of fun to convert into something along those lines.

This old school dragon I think would make a fine candidate for a improvised "ass-cannon like" magma cannon. you could chain him down on his back, or reposition his neck to be facing straight up and chain him belly down.
Carcass? Sick

Lol I've had trouble not having a good short hand for this old tag (it was the name of my home brew Chaos Space Marine raiders, base of operations the penal world Carceari VI). I've been thinking of changing it to "Cark" since thats what I normally end up being called on voice chat anyway

Well if you do end up giving it a go I'll be looking forward to the conversion Cheers!
Love the loaders! Excellent piece all tograther
I cant see them either, I have no google drive account and I am using Google Chrome.
Excellent work so far! Looking forward to seeing her when she is fully completed and manned!

I might considering doing another wash on the base to give it more depth (and nice black wash would be my recommendation). Also a blood stain here and their would add great variety as Admiral suggested.

Takes Hat off
Oooh! Those look nice!

I really like the metalic blues!
I also prefer the blue shoulder guards
Great stuff all around!

The more I see people painting the mantic stuff the more I like them (Mantic's store paint scheme just really doesn’t do them any favors).
You go my vote on these three - I haven’t seen the models before, really liked the way you painted them and they have a lot of character - wicked job bra
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