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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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The whip is a great addition. It really adds depth to a model I feel can seem very flat.
Nice work in here! Takes Hat off

Love the hellcannons..
I love your Decimator horde - the barrels of the firearms are nice.

I was looking at making some square scenic bases for KoW... how fare the Abyssal Dwarfs in that ruleset?
Excellent stuff mate! And the bonus is I can now SEE all of your fine work!!

Bloody hell that crew looks intimidating!!! I also like the signalmen idea. Excellent stuff.

There's me thinking I was productive by painting in batches of 12.....

I like the choice of blue for the airship crew, it has a nautical feel, ideal for a "ship".

I also prefer the left. I like the fact that the breastplate is the same colour as the shoulder guards ( sort of makes sense for a suit of armour).

This is the first time I have seen the dwarfettes and I like them. I agree, there is a lot of potential for customisation. Thanks for sharing.

They look cool. Can’t wait to see them CD ‘d up.i
Lovely force there. Great to see the lead belcher good choice and one of my favorite old minis.
Good looking stuff, Abecedar. I like your movement trays.
The blue is great imo. Perfect for sky marines.
I really liked these guys. Chaotic dynamic and rocky. What minis are they?
Absolutely enchanting army. So much work! My favorite are the dread quakes. I had no idea the carriages were scratch built, brilliant. What are the plans for the rhinos? Wagons with walls and gunners? Can’t wait to see.
Loved this entry. Great diorama and overall feel. Even happier I voted for it knowing cardboard was involved! Although the slaves do need more whipping.
Great attention to detail. True dedication but the results look worth it.
Fantastic Altar! Surely you will bask in Hashuts fiery radiance for this. Such a good idea and so well done. Now all we need is AoS/T9A/KoW rules for an Altar of Hashut!
I love all the BLING. Good work man.
Awesome sight! I love how big the airship is. So many figures makes me feel so mich better about my own obsession. As for your opponent they can set up on the floor below the dawi zharr, where they belong .
Now back to the greenstuff and milliput. You have set the bar high.
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