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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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How did I miss your blog? Fantastic stuff, these little guys are incredible! I love what you did with the squiggoths Happy
I can imagine dropping the short pin heads, those sort of things are so frustrating! How hard was it though to cut them off after putting the whole pin through, not as easy as it first seemed i imagine? Still, they are looking good so far.
That is one huge collection of dawi zharr. Very impressive. They all look really nice together. Very imposing force.
The guy with the scorpion tail totally rocks! Well done!
Fantastic mutants! I loved these guys. Beautiful figures beautifully painted. They got my vote. Yeah and I loved the scorpion dude too.
Haha, that scorpion-tailed-Dwarf cracks me up Tongue Very characterful!

Abecedar Wrote:
It is loosely based on the Dwarf Battleship from GW's Dreadfleet box that I intend to / am converting.

Looking forward to seeing this conversion. I've been meaning to spend more time with my Dreadfleet models. Pirate A second Chaos Dwarf related ship for that game might be the inspiration I need. Are you planning any rules for it? or is it for another purpose.

Abecedar Wrote:
Started off just to make something from it.  I'd already stolen and used its little submarine.
So far I've stripped out a lot of its guts and at present I'm planning on cages etc to indicate it is a slave transport sort of

Excellent plan Evil idea

Off to a great start cleaning that model up. Can't wait to see that 2D canvas interpreted on the 3D canvas. Tongue
Oh what a great idea. Good luck.
I loved this entry and it got my vote. Great idea and well done. Of course we are the good guys!

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