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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Kamphre Wrote:
What's the strange thing between the juggernaut and the Reaper Krung beast please? It seems to be done with sprues........

Absolutely correct. It all just sprues cut and glued together.  It was my first effort at a destroyer. Basic bull body sort of frame and then i was going to finish it in the same fashion as my K'Daii.  It now been designated as the basis for a Bale Taurus

Sorry Vogon.. Got some plans for a double decker whirlwind somewhere. Most of the Ball and chain bits are broken enyway

It time to start catching up with some of my WIPs

One of the K'Daii from GH 16 in its initial stages. heres the link to GH16.

and below is the start of 30 or so BFSP that were being converted to Blunderbusses. I think they will be changed to be fireglaives instead before they get any further along as I'm pretty sure I've got enough actual BB models or other proxies

Some WIP pics for the Bull centaur musician from GH ...  An old reaper? gorgon bull and a new Reaper dwarf Musician
The axe was bits-bashed.

it doesn't look like this anymore. I was never happy with the top half of the hat and the bulls body armour was atrocious. So that stuff is all gone and it is back to being a WiP
the fluffy stuff behind the right front hoof is supposed to be kicked up dust
Its a nail.    More specifically a "clout" which is just a nail with a large flat head i believe.  the lines you can see are ridges that let the clout grip the wood a bit stronger
@ Kera.  The place the car is supposed to park is looking good

@ Da Crusha.  Yeh I kept looking for something I had easy access too as lots of spare round shields isn't one.  looked at buttons and washers etc to stick on the end of the barrels but nothing really worked then looked at things with a shaft and a flaired sort of end.  In the second picture, the one on the right is GS molded onto an "unused" injection needle. Pointy bit cut of and the remaining shaft used as a pin.  The one on the left is one of the clouts and I've ground out inside the end a bit with a dremel
Have finally finished some BC's.. or at least what I call finished.

This is what has been keeping me busy in what little spare time I have.  Three months ago, a club member here turned up with his MoW skaven and played against a Bretonnian fleet.   I already had two taurus's and a Thunderfire, so I thought my Army needs a Navy so I would be able to join in.  Now this same guy turned up years ago with his BFG stuff and I thought I'd give it a go and bought about $300 worth of stuff and he has never brought the BFG back.   This time I decided to make my own and not fork out lots of money.

So here is the beginnings of my Chaos Dwarf Fleet and their Norse Allies done in august and september

Found the next lot of my navies photos (thought I'd lost them)

Here is some of the next stages in the WIP of the first Kingship and one of the Longships

And a group photo of all the Dawi Zharr and Norse ships.
Am reasonably happy with the norse ships so far, but I don't think I'll be able to get anywhere near the detail onto the big-hat ships but I'm not giving up yet.

I used to make little ships too. Some i'd put in buckets of water in winter to see them the next morning when the water had frozen.
Am going to go through what has been keeping me occupied for the last while.  Sadly not much actual CD stuff, though the boar centaurs took a fair while by themselves.

Everything else is other armies and terrain that I've decided to finish and can be seen here
A minor update in the Man O War Wip's.  The navy will launch one day....

I wasn't real happy with that effort at detailing on the conning towers.  But I've found scraps of some type of cable tie used by our local overnight couriers, it is ladder shaped not solid. So I'll try them next.
Not much of an update.  have begun work on the olde Juggernaut and got a bit of detail work done on one or so of my Man O' War fleet but no pics yet.  But now I've been conned into joining a local Bloodbowl league and so of course I now have to Get my footy team painted as well.
The Hellfire Battlebarge with the conning tower redone ......  again.

Will definitely be adding more details.  But considering how my first effort at making windows myself by cutting into the wood turned out I will just have to find the right things to use.  I found those ladder shaped cable ties at an airport and they work well for the tower bits and I'll find other stuff somewhere / someday
I have made some progress on my Seige Giant.   I traded a couple of olde dragon ogres for him from a young Ogre player at our club.  But then he needed money bad for rent or some-such and I bought the dragon ogres back.

Here it is originally. Still had some mold lines and gaps.

Now re-undercoated with Army Painter spray "Buff" I think. His skin got washed with a reddy/brown wash I'd mixed ages ago.
And he's got his Kilt made from chains and the beginnings of his proper armour.

I started doing the arms first just so i had an idea of where to go with it all.  Got rid of the shields off his arms etc and making a start on the "ripping Blades.  His right hand is drilled out to take a dowel and the plan is for a gauntlet and brace sort of thing with multiple headed flail(s) attached.

So the plan is to finish the armour and body first then solidify the base a bit.  Have got a nicely twisted idea for the helm and then lastly go back to work on the arms and weapons.  They really are only in their first stages of construction / conception and any ideas where to take them will be welcome
Here is some WIP shots of my second BC Champion.

The pieces are a Reaper Bull? I think, a Reaper Minotaur mercenary and a loose BC Head and arm

This is where I'm up to at the moment.
The axe isn't finished (and is still detachable),  The join between torso and bull body needs thickening up before I can think about armour and I'm not quite happy with the face as a whole.
That head, I beleive now, is a failed recast attempt by someone.  It came with a Bull centaur I got from the US through ebay, back in 2010 .  The bottom edge was all wavy etc from the casting.
I have made a start on a ziggurat.  This is the beginnings of very top level of it.  It will contain an alter and an image of Hashut.


I want to add lots of details and gradually build it up one level at a time
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