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Here is where I'm up to with the temple today.  just some more crenelations to do.


Next is to get the second level sorted out.   I keep changing my mind on how wide and deep it should be.   Then maybe begin some detail work
Thanks Kera.   A bit more tonight if I can get some photos done.

Thanks Admiral.   The stairs took up half a dozen pages of graph paper with scaled drawings whilst I struggled with height and depth and stuff.  I suck at getting scale right and thought I'd measure ten times (instead of twice) to cut once.  The graph paper is lined at 5mm intervals which I drew on for each step.  Trouble was the MDF is 6mm thick.  
I knew I definitely wanted a landing for a sorcerer to be on and that is what I came up with.   I am so glad you liked it for being "odd"
Here is today's effort.   the first level below the temple is built. up to a point at least.


A bit of cheating in the photos as all the crenelations on the walls are not fixed on yet.
Sorry, forgot to say.   Yes I will be adding frescoes and braziers and anything else I can think of.   They are all classified as "details".   The exact details of which I haven't quite figured out yet to my satisfaction.

I think I'll have a go at carving some with a dremel and maybe try some wood-burning techniques.   neither of which I've actually ever done before.  

there is always that awesome dwarf mine for inspiration
Haven't gotten very far with the Temple / fortress for a while.  I have been having a try at carving stuff to make frescos (right word?) for the walls.

I have got a bit of work done on the interior of the temple but no pics of that yet and all work on the seige giant has ceased whilst I'm struggling with the Artisans project
here's a pic of one of my other distractions.   the begginings of my local football team.

A recent addition to my forces (from borador)

As I didn't have any of these before (except the bannerbearer), it nows means I'll have to collect the rest of the range.
@Admiral.   The fresco's and details are hard and have taken a long time to get something i like.  Just getting scales and sizes and a unique shape that I like has taken me lots of hours so far.   I just bought (ebay) a set of proper hand gouges/carving tools as no hardware store within 3 hours drive has any at all.  Hopefully they will improve my efforts and i won't be able to blame the tools this time.  Yes It is MDF, very easy to work with and the green stuff I have should stick pretty well to fix any blemishes.  Or do artists call them character details or personal touches?
The footy team I already had just because of collectionitis.   A guy who has moved to our area (Stephen Babbage) is pretty full on with bloodbowl.  I always get sucked into any thing that turns up around here and he proposed a league get started.  So now the team has to come out of the cupboard and is getting tarted up.  He wanted me to drag my "Harthark" out of the bull centaurs unit (IE off its fixed 50 x 75 base etc) but I decided to make a couple of "customs" using a boar and BFSP dwarf WIP I already had and the Karagrim dwarf character and another spare boar body.  The foot-ball is a lego soccer ball and the spiky bits are off those plastic ties shops use to secure price tags to items.  So far the teams record is none for one.

As to molds, I've never haven't had much luck previously with making my own ... maybe later.

@ Toasted.  Thanks.  It's taken me years and more money than I wish to count to get them.  Alcohol (and/or depression) and ebay don't mix well for the wallet.   Have a real good look through our WIKI for what chaos dwarf models are are out there. More than you'd think.   I've spent hours, if not days prowling through the showcases on here and the old "Hand of Hashut" website looking for inspirations, and haven't regretted it.   I really believe that being in england you will have more opportunity than I to see great armies first hand.  Good luck and have fun with it.
Here is my latest big aquisition,  and for a fair price too.

After looking at all the pics I could find, it looks like it is missing one of its bolt throwers ( which I will make a replacement for) and two of the upstairs goblins.
Thought I'd show you its actual size.  It surprised me when I finally got it in hand.


I weighed them as well.  The citadel goblin giant is 181 grams and the grenadier a whopping 1.29 kilo's even without the gobbo's that go with it
@ Admiral - Yes it is.
@ Zanko - I think I've drooled over yours a few times and been insanely jealous that you had one.  Quite probably your blog is where I first ever saw one.

this one popped up last month on ebay (from france) for a Buy-it-Now of 29.90 EUR ($43.00AU). There was no way I could resist after so long.
Postage was another 18EUR due to the weight
Have finally gotten some more work done on the Seige Giant.  Some battle damage, a few runes and some progress on his "hand" weapons;

Slave and sacrifice runes branded onto the giant

Left arm from first stage to weapon pick formed and braces straps on.....

and the start of the braces on his right arm
Pity I won't be able to use him as a GH slave, him being on the website already.  Just means he is on the backburner again, while I concentrate what little spare time I have on other slaves.  Mind you I'm not sure how I'd be able to add the "war-machine" component to him.

I missed our local club night last night (bloody work again) but some chaos kits-n-stuff was brought in to be sold and my son (bless his little cotton dwarfy sox) bought me another (my second) metal hellcannon for $30.00AU
My second destroyer is having a little bit more work done.  I started work on him at the same time as the Destroyer Golden Hat comp', but as I wasn't ready to start any lava bases back then he got put on hold.

Two years ago I acquired 65 mini's from someone up in Queensland for quite a good price ($180.00AU).  I don't think I've seen them in our showcases here.  All of them are 4th Edition metals.  They are lava based as you can see.  I think its chopped up balsa wood on top of the plastic bases.  I thought it time I had a go at making them presentable.  I decided that if I stripped them completely they would never get done, so I'm trying to try and re-do them with a minimum of painting. Some still have their tabs but a fair few have had them removed and just glued onto the bases at their feet.

This is all of them.

This is how the bases looked originally. All straight lines and not real impressed with the paint.

This is my first effort at re-doing the bases.  Roughing up the straight lines and sand and glue to blur out those edges a bit more.

I don't tend to say much here unless I've got some actual pictures but I thought I'd make a list of the current projects on the
painting table for you all (must be feeling lonely this morning)

From GH21  
-  The Juggernaut.  I can't decide how to finish some of the shields off
-  The Grenadier Giant.  Just needs all of his proper Goblins to be painted all round and a second bolt thrower to be made.
   I would love to add some details like extra chains and stuff later as well.
-  The Whirlwind. needs its proper wheel which I can't find now. The broken one I made is 1mm too big. and of course the
    hard bit of repairing the broken maces.
-  The Boar Centaur needs his wounded leg fixed and his paint scheme adjusted
-  The two new Death rockets need their crew finished and then to be based
-  And a few other slave related ideas that got started but failed to reach satisfactory status before the GH finished.  Like the spare death rockets
   and a palanquin and a couple of "not from this planet" slaves I thought would be funny.

Other CD stuff is  - the Seige Giant, the 65 metal 4th ed's with Lava style basing I'm struggling with, the second destroyer I started way back for GH19,
as it is lava based as well.  And the second Hell cannon

Then there is a Thrud and a Dechala I've been toying with.

I'm also really thinking my basic warriors colour scheme is too "dirty" and am currently changing the scheme on my first pair of death rocket
crewman slightly as an experiment.  And I've decided that my ash-wastes basing needs something else so I've added more to the newer projects and am quite
happy with the looks of it and will now have to upgrade the rest of my army to match

And I've gone and thrown my Big-Hat into the political arena.  The creation of Emissaries to venture across the globe and lure others into my Insurrection
OK.  Its time for the monthly update of how all the current projects are progressing:-

-  The Juggernaut. I reckon it is now finished.  It will probably have to be used as a LoA Iron Daemon but I have noticed that its base is way bigger than my FW Iron Daemon.  So I will have to trim 15mm of its width & some of the length too and then re-do the edge finish I think before taking photos
-  The Grenadier Giant.  The Goblins are all done and fixed in place. The missing bolt thrower is yet to be made but as it won't be an original I will count the Giant as finished as well.
-  The Whirlwind. All Finished and it is Lava based
-  The two new Death rockets are finished and based on the Lava theme as well
-  The other slave related ideas are either slowly progressing or temporarily stalled.
-  The seige giant conversion is still pending as is thye second destroyer and hellcannon which are just in the beginning stages.
-  The lava based metal 4th Ed's are progressing very slowly.   I have decided to take the four blunderbuss equiped models out of the lava based unit(s) and strip them.  I'll add them to my other BB's to boost that units numbers.
-  Dechala is all but done, though it is only the decision on a WoC base style that has stopped her being finished.
-  Thrud is done. first time I've ever done jewels and I'm pretty sure I like I how I've done them.
-  The Emisaries are what is next on my priority list.
-  The re-doing of all my ash-wastes bases models will have to wait but they positively need to be done when compared to the newer scheme.

Yet again no photos for now.  Too much house and yard work at the moment.  These days off I'm pretending to be a plumber and putting in some drainage pipes.
I'm getting worn out from whipping the little buggers.

I'd previously found a few hobgoblin models I'd started and hadn't completed.  So due to the heat today I managed to get them done. So I now have TEN more Hobgoblins to add to the army.  They consist of five Grenadier "Orcs", one TSR/Citadel Hobgoblin, three Ral Partha Great Goblins and one other whom I think is suitable enough to be a Khan on Foot.  

And I've also re-done the base on my Hobgoblin Master and his Hobhounds.   It was originally in my O&G scheme but now I'll be able to use it as a unit filler I guess
Well my "Army Blog" is way overdue for an update.

My GH23 entry is in.   All for the past 6 weeks it alone has been responsible for the fact that all progress on my backlog has stalled.

My "Paint" pledge was to finish all my CD models that I had actually started painting and not finished.
So far I've completed a unit of 4th ed Warriors and one of 4th Ed Hobgoblins as well my Blood Bowl Team.

Next on the list is some BC's.   But I think I will have to change plans for the last of my 4th Ed Bull Centaurs.   I have six already painted and based in 75mm x 50mm size for WHFB.  The ones that remain are mostly based to size on 75 x 50 but not flocked etc and need more work in other ways as well before being finished.

I think I maybe should return them to 50 x 25 base size for use in Kings of War.
Any opinions?
thanks Admiral.  I'm so far behind schedule on the next round of Emissarys its not funny.  So no rush at all
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