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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Thanks everyone.   Its time to concentrate on some more core units now I think.
Thanks fellas
Whats next?  10,000 pts of course.

I've 20 odd 4th ed CDs and the same in hobgobs started on the painting table and I've undercoated a set of 3rd Ed D3 CD's.   Once they are all finished I'd  like to get more variety of the other 3rd Ed stuff done this year before doing any more 4th Ed troops.
My pledge way back at the start of 2012 was to earn an Army medal.  Took me a while but I got there.
Here it is Post #2000.
Been a bit snowed under lately and haven't done my monthly updates. I've gotten nothing done so far for the Artisans contest and I have made small inroads into clearing the painting desk backlog.

I think the little moggy is laughing at me.
Quite frankly .... Yes.

Edit in 2016.  Most of the problem is file name length related.  the original name of the file before uploading to photobucket and the folder name in photobucket all add up to a too long name for the image link to be accepted by our Forum PhP thingie
Behold! the First of your kind.   The Black Dwarf and my Artisans 17 entry

And what is was made from.
An old rusty carraige lamp.

A terracotta pot and the top bit of the lamp

And you can see the "Horns of Hashut" in my attempt at a mountain range as a background



The base is just a chunk of Styrofoam.  I cut the shape of the blocks into it then I painted it with a water based undercoat. I didn't try to get a perfect coat of it.
Next I used a cheap can of spray paint called "clay stone".  As you know spray paints eat Styrofoam and it this way it just ate little holes in the imperfections in the undercoat.
After that it was a dry brush with a grey colour. And then I ran out of time.
I wanted to try and make the base and the pot / tower match up colour wise.
Apart from destroying the remainder of the lamp, all I did with it was a coat of rust converter
Thanks for the votes of confidence fellas. Thanks Heaps.
I haven't done an update for a while so I thought I'd do one.
Since I finished the unit of 4th Ed warriors I've progressed fairly well with the 4th Ed hobgoblins. I just have to finish the bases and do some shading.

I've been painting my bloodbowl team in conjunction and I've now decided to change the bases to their "proper" round ones. I couldn't handle the ridicule anymore.

Other than that I've been distracted by building a Great Hall for Saga.
There are some WiP pics here.

Oh and I've done some work on some black orcs and up to basing them but not much else
That is another massive job, but yes I do intend to put shields on any models that should have them.
Hah. Vintage. I still consider them the new-kids-on-the-block.
Even though I belated (2007?) started collecting Chaos Dwarfs, it was a 3rd Ed passion and I wasn't fond of the 4th Ed big hats and at the time though I wouldn't bother with them.

Bloodbeard Wrote:
Nice progress Abecedar. Adding entire regiments painted at a time. Good way yo expand the army.

And congratulations on getting round bases on the BB team. I guarantee they'll play better this way.

Thanks mate.  No BB games in sight. Our neonatal league collapsed when Steven Babbage had to leave the area at the end of last year

Got some quick progress done over the last week.  I have been house-bound with a nasty chest infection.
Damn these harsh Australian winters.

Anyway.  Here is my first unit of 4th Ed Hobgoblins.  27 of them.  Need to do a proper musician and boss though

Yes to the shields, at some later date.  
good pick up.  I did those (five) with hair at the back almost the very last of all when I noticed that I'd missed it and the standard bearers hair too and forgot the wash/shading.
And here is the 8 Sneaky Gitz and another Standard Bearer from the same batch buy of figures.

Thanks Fella's

Dînadan Wrote:

Fuggit Khan Wrote:
Beautiful Hobgoblins <3 ...and some very nice bases too. It's interesting to see the evolution of your bases over the past years.
And Hobgoblins with blonde hair, I think that might be a first Cheers!

You're assuming of course that they're natural blondes and they haven't just scalped some elves Tongue Wink

I was going for lank and greasy yellow hair as their trademark.
I get in real trouble with describing blondes at home.

Have finished my Blood Bowl Team.  Well as much as I'm gunna do for now.
I'd originally thought to do them all on square bases so the "team" would add to the army units.
The Minotaur was finished a while ago but I'd had it set aside for the moment, so it is already on a square base.
I may or may not change it to the proper round one.  I'm not foreseeing any BB games any time soon.


The shiela is my Apothecary, she's a reaper mini, I think.
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