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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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TheHoodedMan Wrote:
Is it possible to play hobgoblins only? (don`t know the BB rules)

I don't know the rules either really,  but I think you could field just hobgoblins.

Well I have finished the other three Standard Bearers who made it through the first round of auditions to become my BSB for the Golden Hat comp.



Thanks fellas, I have decided to go with the rusted look for the bases of my 3rd ed era models,
The only bit I'm disappointed in is that my "Bulls" head/face on Dronzac Bannerfists banner looks more daemony than I wanted
Doing a catch up and clear out of things on my painting table before I can concentrate on the Artisans contest.
First up is my Man O War Critters.  I've done the four I used in my MoW game and added a D&D beetle from my collection.

Here they are all together, about to gang up on my poor flagship

The Grenadier Dragon and Sea Serpent

The Sea Serpent obviously needs work on his horns and the Dragon mane needs highlighting I think

My Dragon Turtle and a scratch built Crab monster.  It is made of a bit of a ?-undead scorpion and an old sea shell.

Missed the turtles claws in my rush to clear the table.

And the new addition I present the beetle thingy.
Got some time now to upload the other squad I've managed to mostly finish.  I've now got a unit of Black orcs that consists of a mix of models. 

This is the general who is inspecting them. He is the Grenadier Orc general from the "Orc Generals Chariot" set.  Thought I'd include a comparison photo for scale.  He is not quite the biggest of them.

Now for the Inspection parade.

The recruits all come from the following sources:-
The 1993 Grenadier Catalog:-
The Chronicle N14 Ogres from here:-
and the single CM9B chieftain from here:-
and the Bryan Ansell early Citadel models:-

First batch of "Black Orc" recruits from left to right

Chronicle N14 Ogre "man Sticker or War Chieftain"
Grenadier #939 "Troll with Smashing Weapon"
Grenadier #908 " Ogre Berserker"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Dwarf Defiler"
Grenadier 5626 "Giant Orc warrior #3"

tjub Wrote:
Never actually played Man O War, is it a good game or just big out of nostalgia? I enjoyed games like Dystopian Wars alot. Happy

After one game, I would say Yes it is a good game.  I didn't start this hobby until 2008 ish so I haven't any nostalgia

Second batch of Black Orcs in the inspection parade.

Grenadier #909 "Ogre Mercenary"
Grenadier 51025 "Hobgoblin Command Drummer"

Third batch of Black Orc recruits (left to right)

Grenadier #907 "Ogre Armoured"
Grenadier #51006 "Hobgoblin hero #1"
Grenadier #51006 "Hobgoblin hero #2"

Batch No4 of the Black Orc recruits for inspection.

Grenadier #938 "Troll with Cutting Weapon"
Grenadier #5624 " "Great Orc Warrior #1"
Chronicle CM9B Hobgoblin Chieftain"
Grenadier 51038 "Hobgoblin Warrior #2"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Groin Ripper"

Batch No5 of "Black Orc" recruits,

Bryan Ansells "Num-Tin, Giant Hobgoblin Champion"
Grenadier #950 "Orc Leader 32"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Bone Crusher"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Hobbit Slicer"
Grenadier #5626 "Giant Orc Warrior #3 (second one)

Now Batch No 6 of the Black or recruits for their inspection

Grenadier #5625 "Giant Orc warrior #2"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Man Sticker" (second one)
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Arm taker"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Ear Chewer"
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Dwarf Defiler" (second one)
Chronicle N14 Ogre "Arm Taker" (second one)

These last 3 Black Orc recruits aren't quite finished yet.

Grenadier #941 "War Troll Champion"
and two Bryan Ansell's "Arralack, Ogre Champions"
The War Troll's right arm came damaged, no right hand.
I think I'll do a weapon in his arm like the pale orc in the LoTR Hobbit.
One Ogre will be a standard bearer and the other I'll replace his mace head with something suitable.

Here is the unit as a whole. As some of their bases had to be 25 x 50mm to accommodate the figure, the units size / footprint will come to 35 in total once the other three are finished.

I don't know about an endless reserve of models.   I've stopped my buying frenzy now-a-days but I still haven't painted any where near a third or even maybe a quarter.
Post artisans 18 wrap-up

You have seen my entry for Artisans No18 (here is its expanded explanation)

Daemonsmith: Seer / Battle Seer with an Altar of Hashut
A Daemonsmith can often be blessed with skills at divination. To do this they examine the entrails of tortured victims suspended on an Alter of Hashut, often whilst being borne into battle.  

In our (CD) magic phase the Daemonsmith would have to make a choice of what he would try to divine and then effect.
Using Power Dice to cast his Divination effort, whatever number he rolls on any number of D6, with the usual dispell possibilty.

The choices could be:-
Movement Phase =
Sometimes able to gain valuable insights into their enemies plans during the ongoing battle.
(As in being able to stall a charge or a units normal movement for a pre-chosen unit before it begins, one choice only)

Magic Phase =
Conversely they can gain the possibility of thwarting plans through amplified knowledge of their plans
(gaining D6 extra dispell dice)

Shooting Phase =
Able to cause a war machine to misfire prior to a machines next shooting phase (unable to fire only would be my choice, nothing worse)

Combat Phase =
unit loses any combat bonuses other than wounds caused and maybe its own (that units) banner.

Here is the Battle Seer pursuing his art


The slayer strung up on a frame so I could work on him

more blood was spilt.  This time the daemonsmiths "tools" were annointed with their lords blood to aid in their designs

And for the after-party,  The BBQ of Hashut

Fuggit Khan Wrote:

I especially like your dragon turtle...what model is that? I want one!
The seashell/scorpion custom model is clever should get a small cane toad as your next Man O' War monster Wink

Sorry dear Fuggit, I missed your reply.   The Dragon turtle is a Citadel C29 Monster .....
I've thought of numerous uses for him over the last few years so he might appear in another CD related places later.

I like the Cane Toad idea, one of those chinese money frogs might work well for that.

It seems no matter what I do   ....
Thanks Fella's
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