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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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You remind me of a friend I had. He loved the stunties in both versions so much that he bought up the entire stock of dwarfs and CD in our local hobbystore. Quite a sight, very impressive but I do not envy you the task of painting it all up so all the best in getting the job done Happy

Slow down !! or your need a bigger table Happy
Awesome navy! Longing to see them painted, look really promising.
Wow, great work on those ships! Big Grin
Very nice temple  can't wait to see more
Great set of updates! That juggernaut is a fantastic miniature, would be cool scratchbuilding one of those.
Great stuff! That deserves a medal!

Time of MAdness
Hehe, thats a cool Minotaur! Happy

Yes, its possible to play all hobgoblins they are 0-16.
Never actually played Man O War, is it a good game or just big out of nostalgia? I enjoyed games like Dystopian Wars alot. Happy
Heh, always good when a slayer is denied his "final release".
That is a cool piece, well done! Happy
Great to see some Blood Bowl minis, well done! But an original team build you got there... Tongue
Nepp, no pics at the moment. Tongue
Soo much Forgeworld goodness!  The airship is amazing and kudos on the thriftness of it all, the Ziggurat on the base is a great idea too Takes Hat off
So much work to do not surprised,  looking forward to the next update

Abecedar Wrote:
I'm trying figure out how many points it would reasonable to allocate to an Airship, and I would like it to be a plausible.
Would anyone have any ideas?

Here is what I've tentatively decided already.
Basic Airship Crew.  Command (3) + 7 ordinary crew  (in my very Large Airships case).
So 10 crew at 15 (basic warrior pts) each incl Command  =  182 Pts.
Magma Cannon = 145 (LoA) including own crew
Death Rocket = 100  (LoA)   including own crew  (equivalent under construction)

But it is the cost of the Airship itself,
the two Broadside cannons, including own crew, (maybe 100 pts each for them)
and the four swivel guns, including own crew, that I cannot hazard a reasonable guess at.

You should have a look at our Naval rules for Warhammer I posted a few years ago, they should work for aerial combat as well! Happy

Oh wow, this mini minis look great,  I too have been tempted into smaller scales since certain members of this site have been posting, nice find!

This BB girls look great too,love the humour people have to put into blood bowl, looking forward to seeing them painted up
Lovely mix of miniatures! That old big dragonogre is still on my want list, jealous!!
Enjoyed catching up on this blog, monsters and ogres galore!
Are those visors magnifying!? I just turned fourthy i close something like that myself!
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