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Full Version: Golden Hat XX
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This is a great theme, I can't wait to see the entries
Theme? - you can hardly call it that, can you? Big Grin This here, is probably as close to an "open theme" we'll ever get Happy

Thank you so much Big Grin

Really looking forward seein all the big creatures and the machine parks Happy
Hopefully everyone will be pleased with this one...
Ooph.. It's going to be hard to figure out what model to use for this, but I'm looking forward to the progress! Happy
This is a cool theme and im sure it will attract some of the best entries we have seen in a while but i think ill have to skip this one. The only thing ive got left to paint are a few models to finish up my last few units which leaves me with my whole army as an entry lol.
I'm definitely in this one.

I know I often say that, but I'm sick of painting rank and file and need something cool to do. Happy

I have just the project in mind as well...
I might actually enter. It will be my first entry since GH VI. 8)

Yawarakaimatsuka Wrote:
I'm in, but man... what am I gonna do?


I'll have to come up with something once I am back from Italy. I'm in the airport now. Starting my vacation in Rome!

"it may be a unit, multiple units, one or more warmachines,"

Does this mean you could enter an entire army if it hasn't been seen before?

Nicodemus Wrote:

gIL^ Wrote:
"it may be a unit, multiple units, one or more warmachines,"

Does this mean you could enter an entire army if it hasn't been seen before?

For sure!


Ive got work to do!

Been working for a week on mine now and still no end in sight.  Still, I am making progress on something that otherwise would have sat unfinished so I'm pleased.
Ravenswood is entering? I guess there goes my chance of winning! Wink

Bloodbeard Wrote:
I've startet getting up an hour earlier every day, in order to have a fighting chance.

I'm in the same boat and may have to do this. I'm motivated to engage in warhammer but not do much for chais dwarfs.

Despite this I have a lot done but need the motivation to finish.

I've made decent progress so far, over half way through assembly.  Painting should be a lot quicker.
My supplies have been shipped! I might be able to make it just in time.
Finally started painting mine today!  Should be a lot quicker than building it.
I'm going to have a mammoth painting effort tomorrow night and Saturday to get this done.  I've probably painted about 25% so far. Sad
I just send in my entry. Its probably not as spectacular as most, but it's the most Chaos Dwarf model in my eyes Happy
Mine is the most impressive model in my army, but as it stands I'm fairly certain I won't have enough time to finish painting it as I need to get up fairly early in the morning. Sad

A shame really, but I've assembled and started painting a great model so it was not a complete loss.
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