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Full Version: HeroQuest 25th Anniversary
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HeroQuest 25th Anniversary Kickstarter Campaign Here

The latest news is that the main box set (presumably this will be the main contents without stretch goals added in, etc) will contain 8 Heroes, with male and female variants for the Barbarian/Dwarf/Elf/Wizard.

There may be some literal translation issues from Spanish to English below:


Box contents:

-1 BOARD – ALFA Model
Reversible, with two usable sides, Side A the Classic Dungeons. Side B Exterior Ruins and Places

With Fundamental rules inside the hollows of the scenery, just as if they where reliefs in stone.

Two movement dice and 6 combat dice (25th Model)



Barbarian, Dwarf, Mage, female Wizard, Huntress, Elf, Dwarf, Female Dwarf, and Female Elf

10 Artifacts
30 Treasures
16 Equipment
6 Ignis Spells
6 Aqua Spells
6 Aer Spells
6 Terra Spells
6 Chaos Spells

1 Barbarian
1 Dwarf
1 Mage
1 Elf
1 Huntress
1 Female Dwarf
1 Wizard
1 Female Elf
2 Mummies
4 Zombies
4 Skeleton Warriors
6 Goblins
8 Orcs
4 Chaos Warriors
3 Drrakks
1 Petrified Gargoyle
1 Gargoyle
1 Chaos Witch
1 Wraith
1 Ogre
1 Black Orc
1 Viscosity of the Abyss

18 doors
4 Treasure chests
4 doors (Nicodemus' note: presumably these are 'closed' doors?)
1 Throne
3 wardrobes
1 Armory
1 torture Rack
1 chimney
1 sarcophagus
1 well
1 Pendulum of death
8 false treasures
1 dimensional portal

-35 resin MARKERS



I just j*zzed in my pants. For real.


Bloodbeard Wrote:
Man I'm curious about this 25th years edition. Perhaps if we throw enough money after it - it'll have expansions.

And new fimir models!

Yes, the kids will be without shoes here either! HQ was my intro to the hobby as well... back before the days of the Internet, etc. I'm from a relatively small Island and I'd never heard of Warhammer or miniature gaming, and there were no hobby shops for such things except on the mainland. I thought I was so original when I had the thought to learn how to prime and paint my HQ minis! I still have 'em a few meters away right now, actually!  

Anyway, apparently an Indiegogo campaign would link expansions to the stretch goals. Rumor has it no new Fimir, but there will be a reptilian-type replacement.


Oooh I have the original and the expansion, plus the new 25 year edition. It's the snare that drug me under wargaminng
It all started with Heroquest for me too.

I still have the box, but may models have been assimilated...

I'll keep an eye out on this release.
Updates added to the first post!  Zing!!

I'm not crazy about the feline look of the Dwarf male, but hey, if that's the artistic direction they have chosen to take, fair enough.  Maybe it's unintentional.

Looking at the contents I'm prepared to double-down right now!  It's looking tight!  

Took the highest level pledge... HQ is one of those games that brought me into the hobby. Another game that brought me into the hobby was Battle Masters Happy

My son is 5 months now ... I can't wait to play these kinds of boardgames with him.

I'm hoping they do some expansions to the basic game, but looking from a commercial point of view, I think they'll make a new kickstartcampaign for it... what do you guys think?
It's either Milton Bradley or Games Workshop, and although exercision of their IP over this may be baseless because Gameszone Miniatures legally holds the HeroQuest copyright in Spain, they can certainly hold up the campaign until well past the Kickstarter deadline as well as into 2014 and beyond.  This would mean HQ could well miss its 25th anniversary, and all due to the same nonsense that resulted in 20 years of zero progress in bringing HeroQuest back to the market in the first place.
Darn, I was seriously considering this. If GW is behind it not going through I'm going to be about average unhappy about it all. (what all in all wont lead to much except not buying that next blister). But first we wait fore more info before we go for the pitchforks.
I quote the mail sent by Gamezone :

Please bear with us. Gamezone and Moon Design are in a meeting negotiating a settlement for both parts at this time.

Moon Design believes that their interests in the HEROQUEST brand within the USA will be infringed upon. Although we are not distributing or selling our product in US territory. As a precaution Moon Design presented a C/D on the 27th of Nov. Our talks are coming to a point where the negotiation will benefit all those involved, which finally would let us offer our product in stores in the USA sometime next year.
The Moon Design C/D was suspended, but on the table, as another element in the negotiation. Here at Gamezone it is our hopeful understand that its activation is possibly by error as both parties where coming to an agreement. Said agreement would finally end beneficially for Fans in the USA by opening the physical distribution to stores in that country. This brief pause of activity is as harmful to the interests of Moon Design as it is to Gamezone Miniatures.

We are as surprised as the Heroquest community, we didn’t expect that on Thanksgiving, of all days, to be wrapped up in this mess, that is so disagreeable for everyone involved. On a day such as this it is extremely complicated to get in touch with Moon Design. We are working diligently on a solution so we can continue with the project from where it is at the moment and reinforce it for the future.

Thank you. Dionisio

It seems that it's just delayed and we can expect the project to go on...

Sounds positive, I just hope not many of the Kickstarter whiners and complainers on the comments forum there, who were already p*ssing and moaning about shipping costs, etc. haven't decided to pull their funds.  At the end of the day it'll likely only be a drop in the bucket, but as it's only a few days into the official campaign this isn't the time to be taking steps backward.

ugh.  Aren't they obligated to give the money back if they can't deliver?
I pledged and am actually going to Spain next week for a business trip, but something tells me that I won't be able to stop by and pick mine up...
The french translator has a website dedicated to dungeon crawler games and sometimes he has some news.

The game was previous for september, but it's once more delayed. A group of spanish backers went to Gamezone office to let them know how they feel (almost no communication, multiple delays, etc) and what came out is that the game should (don't blame me if it's not the case) be out before december.

I think that even if Gamezone make the best game ever, their reputation has been destroyed by their lack of communication and community implication. They wanted to do another Kickstarter for a futuristic game, I wish them good luck ! Hashut!
Some people were convinced the game should be shipped for Christmas, but as we can see, there's still a lot of work to do...
Double post, to show one of the first painted miniatures :

It seems that the minis are really detailed. Hard to tell from this moving pic.
The game is expected for December, near Christmas.
I'm cautious as we already had many delays, but I hope we'l finally get it !

tjub Wrote:
Oh, didn't expect to see progress here... Hope this ends well after all.
Seeing all of Nicodemus work recently got me thinking about a 15mm version of the game. Tongue

Oh c’mon. If I’m going to be an inspiration for anything it should be for NanoQuest the 28mm version of HQ for 28mm miniatures. The average human-sized model should come out to about 0.5 mm tall dead

NanoQuest or nothing tjub!!!

has everyone seen this dude Boris Woloszyn Miniatures.(Site)

he made some stunning miniatures based on the HQ box artwork...

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