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Full Version: HeroQuest 25th Anniversary
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I'm looking forward to how this pans out. Heroquest was my first introduction to miniature gaming too. I was planning on making a basic set next year when I got the Reaper kickstarter miniatures, but if this is good then I won't have to.
I like Heroquest, but this seems different enough that I would be happier with just the furniture, except that the furniture is the biggest price. I think I will stick with my print and play version I had planned.
Does anyone know why it was in Canadian dollars? And not USA or Euro's?
Time of Madness
I've heard from multiple sources it was Moon Design who filed the complaint. Moon Design owns the USa rights for the game.

Hasbro owns the UK rights and Gamezone owns the Spanish rights.

Time of Madness
Just received some new correspondance about this:

"Gamezone Miniatures says:
Kraken says:
Dear Backers
After knowing the KS surprise pause, we made a statement we published on our page, where we transparently reported you about the situation, and we wandered directly to you, our backers, what you wanted us to do.
Most of you requested to wait for KS response. So we did. Today we have that answer. We will publish a statement at tonight, as we did before.
Please stay tunned to our website ( and our twitter account ("

So looks like we'll have an answer one way or the other in about 5 hours or so...
I predict they will stop the kickstarter and stick with pre-sales via their website. The don't have and can't get authorisation to use the name Heroquest in the US and use Kickstarter (a US company) without someone getting sued. As long as they keep everything business-wise within Spain (where they simply bought the expired trademark name for the game, no other permissions received) then they will probably be okay for a while - not sure if Hasbro could legally touch them there for making a similar game with the same name.
How right you were, Cornixt:

Gamezone Miniatures says:
Dear Backers
Last Friday we were surprised by the pause placed on our kickstarter Project of HQ25. We wrote a communiqué to you, which was also posted on our site In our letter we tried to communicate to you in the clearest fashion what was happening and as well to share with you all, our petition to kickstarter to have the project reopened. To do all of this publicly was to us the correct way for you as our backers to be informed of the situation and the most correct and transparent way to communicate with you as well, as our backers you have the right to know what was going on with this project.
We have done what you have ask for, we have waited in silence for KS’ answer. It has arrived. KS would prefer to keep the project on hold and wait for us to come to an agreement with third part.
The KS answer can be seen at our site.
KS’ position does not agree with as at all. The situation produced by the pause of the project has been harmful.
We do not feel that our legitimate rights over the Trademark have been protected and above all we do not wish to do business with third part under threats or duress of any sort. As a result we are proceeding to solicit KS to cancel our project on their platform.
Is this the end of HQ25? Of course not! Keep reading!
We accept the all of the respectful critics that has come our way because we learn from these things and if someone thinks differently they are free to express those opinions. What we do not accept is the disinformation y distortions that have been happening during the project's pause on KS in which we have remained silent and waited.
During these past few days our creative design crew has still been working on the development of various components, the same as always, the idea being to not lose any energy with this controversy.
The thirteen on the gallows, as we have fondly started calling the 13 professionals that are implicated in the creation of the project, have as a priority the development of this commemorative game.
We are truly more worried about you, the backers. We want thank you for the messages of support that have been rolling in. The public reaction to the news of a new edition of this classic provided undeniable and sincere joy to many. We will hold onto this as the rout to follow.
After this communiqué is sent out we will proceed to ask KS to cancel the project on their platform. After this is done we will immediately restart and continue the HQ25 project. More info at tomorrow. Therefore the HQ25 project will return to active status. We will move from victims to survivors and conquer as we go.
We understand that KS has a larger public base than any other crowed funding platform today; we understand that moving the project to another site will mean that out backer support will decrease. However we are ready and willing to continue this campaign in a place that will offer us the correct guaranties for our trademark. We would prefer to raise fewer funds and still move forward with and produce it in time for the 25th anniversary.
We await your support and enthusiasm in this renewed crowed funding campaign.
Again, we would like to thank our backers from the bottom of our hearts, please do not regret supporting us. Let us all together get this back on track and make this dream a reality.

Most Heroquest fans are avoiding this. It is unlicensed, but they still think they can get away with it if they deal only with Spanish companies, since they have bought the trademark for the name in Spain (but nothing else; like rules, gameplay, etc). There is still the chance of legal action from Hasbro, so your money may end up in a black hole before it can be produced even if such legal action is not valid (I don't know either way).

I've managed to download the rules, quests, print my own board and use my own models, for less than a few dollars if you count printer ink. It's as far as I need to go.
Down to the last few days to back this project:

I have to say that this reimagining looks really awesome. I definitely hope it gets made and distributed. The miniatures look really well designed, and it looks liek they put a lot of heart and soul into this project already.

That said, I am still a bit weary about the legal mess in which they could potentially find themselves. Decisions, decisions.
Side one of the game board mimicks the original board, so if you get the Green Pack and Bone Pack add-ons, you can actually replicate all of the missions from the original game and the first two expansions (Kellars Keep and Return of the Witch Lord) by using the printable resourses located at

Essentially, you're getting the original game, the first two expansions (re-imagined models and game mechanics, of course), plus two new expansions that they explain as being a "choose your own adventure" scenario, with mission outcomes/decisions pointing towards other scenarios that are tailored to those outcomes.

I'm pretty excited about this one (obviously). Takes Hat off
Ugh, I am so torn! I love HeroQuest...

I'm not sure if I should wait until I can just buy it regularly or not...
That is a possibility, yes. But it's also possible they'll sell it separately at some point.

The extra stuff is definitely alluring, but with no knowing what legal troubles they might encounter before the Christmas launch date, it might be prudent to wait?

I also don't know if I will have a playgroup to enjoy the game with at the time of release. It's a bit pricey for not knowing if I'll even get to play it properly...
The board is different enough that you'd have to be a little creative if you want to reproduce the original quests on it.

I've been following the legal argument, and I expect Hasbro Spain to begin legal action a few months before it becomes available, sucking away everyone's money and leaving Gamezone without the cash to give the backers anything substantial.

They should have just produced a compatible dungeon quest game and sidestepped all the legal issues until it had at least been made, but they had to go and use the HeroQuest trademarks and now they have a legal mire that many people are going to lose their money in.
Yeah, that's definitely my worry.

Sad face.
Not much you can do if the company doesn't have the money because it spent it all on legal defense or a large payout. Even Kickstarter doesn't guarantee you'll get anything for your money unless you personally sue the person responsible.
Don't cheer until you have the box in your hands. Especially if you live in the US, where it might get ceased by customs, depending on how much they care about board games.
They sent sample models out to reviewers in September. So at least stuff is happening, even if the proper release seems to get pushed back at the rate of a month per month, when they bother to tell anyone that it is going to be later again.
I think I backed this for 9 euros or something, just because I wanted to see it get made, but man, I feel terrible for people who spent money to get the full game.

I'll be happy if everyone gets what they paid for in the end.
Oh, didn't expect to see progress here... Hope this ends well after all.
Seeing all of Nicodemus work recently got me thinking about a 15mm version of the game. Tongue
They should at least update the artwork to say 30th Anniversary. Assuming they can even meet that deadline!
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