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Full Version: Ravenswood's sci-fi stuff
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At first, Serpent Lodge Priest

More photos in Serpentarium
Wow, awesomeness!!
Yep, that's a well-painted miniature from you! As usual.
amazing paintjob, as usual xd
The work on the dress is breathtaking!
Holy crap that is awesome.
Heya folks!
Let me reveal the mask. For last 14 months I worked as freelance box-art painter for Raging Heroes.
I painted around 100 miniatures for all TGG1 infantry units finished and still upcoming (except Cyber Zombies)

I will be happy if you vote for my box art works on CMON and Putty&Рaint

Here the links:


Ain't she just kissable!
Beautiful work on them.
Very nice work! Happy
Congratulations to your work. Excellent job on great miniatures.
The detail on the robe if the Serpent priest is exceptional.   Didn't know it was you but Ive been looking at your paint work on the raging heroes models for months.   You're work on the Raging Heroes Iron Empire models inspired me to start an army of them.  Well done!
Thank you guys! Now I have some time to paint for myself. So new evil bearded soupcans will be very soon Happy

Some pics from 2015. Please vote on
Bigeer pics in our blog
Beautiful <3
You really have quite the knack for beautiful and vibrant color choices Cheers!
Wow.  The Iron Empire Sniper is quite stunning.  As already stated the color choices really look amazing.  Can you tell us what paint colors you used on the cloak and uniform?
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