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Full Version: An alliance to watch the Old World burn.
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Thats a great start!! LF to seeing more!!
That Magma Cannon actually looks like an honest working machine of some sort...It would not surprise me if it really would torch something (and burn your fingers) if you flipped that switch.
I like it Takes Hat off
I am sorry but I will be the voice of discontent.  The magma cannon is far too large, the drum that is over the barrel is massively out of propitiation with the chassis and the cannon barrel itself.  While I do admire the scratch build of the machine itself I just do not like how huge that reservoir is.  The other problem I have is the size of the wheels to the rocket batteries, again the wheels are huge way too big for how small the rocket tubes are.  The one with the small wheels works, the others not so much.  I would suggest making a frame out of sprues and mounting rockets from the imperial guard kits on that frame.  Kinda like a steam punk Napoleonic rocket only with several rockets per rig instead of one.  In a nutshell bigger rockets smaller wheels.  Yes I know how this sounds and yes I am sorry for being so blunt while others rain praise, but not all will agree with the works of another.  I actually have been the target of critics many times for my works.

Admiral Wrote:
That's one beauty of a scratchbuild!

I surtainly agree!!! Takes Hat off

Nice work, and the hobbo in the middle is great!!
Very nice, I really like the taurus conversion. The taurus look evil and bad ass...
Your Bale Taurus conversion is awesome...what a great idea to make it from a juggernaut, the head being slightly turned to the side adds a cool 'dynamic' look to it, like it's actually charging into battle as opposed to just standing around. Well done Cheers!

And I'm it just me, or does it look like both models are sitting in a pan covered in motor oil? Is it some sort of gloss spray base coat? I'm asking because I'm always interested in how people 'prep' their models...
The Earthshaker conversion/kit-bash is pure genius, I love it!
I recently started something very similar, but your conversion is way better than mine.
What are all the parts from?

Nicely done sir Takes Hat off
Yea it's really cool!
Thats some very cool magmas right there!!!. You army looks very nice, great work!!
Wow, niiiiiiceeeee!!!
I know I've said it before...but I'm going to say it again: I really love your Earthshaker/Dreadquake mortar. Good to see it with some paint...could you share some more pics of it for us? I would love to see more of all the details you put into it.
It really is a marvelous arcane construct Cheers!
Thank you for sharing more pics with us of your war machines, good to see some close up pics of all the imaginative details.
You have a very interesting style of scratch builds, they really look like a Daemonsmith built them...I love them!
And the red snow is awesome Cheers!
Can't wait to see those painted, it's gonna look awesome!!!! And your Destroyer looks very cool!
Wow! An impressive army!
And every time I see your scratch built Hellcannon, I keep falling more and more in love with it <3
That's an impressive army of pain! Looks really awesome!! Gratz on you medal to comeWink

Herby Wrote:
Happy Birthday Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed!

Now you are 33 years old and therefore attained full age!(At least in Shire time reckoning Wink)

Takes Hat off

Yea, happy b-day!!!

Always nice to see given love to those hobgoblins, keep them coming!
HOLY SH...T, thats a lot of models!!!! My grope have tried 15k on each side, and did not finish, but 30k is insane!!! I guess you have to have an ongoing game to finis this size of battle. Great pics!!
Nice! Big build. All the chains and the whinch on top add a lot to it, as do the shields. Great one, Vantraxx! Cheers!
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