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Full Version: An alliance to watch the Old World burn.
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Greetings followers of Hashut. I am Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed, Warlord of Khorne. My forces have been raining death upon the forces of the Old World since the early 90's. A few months ago i had the itch to build a Chaos Dwarf force that would fight alongside my massive horde. I mean seriously why would a WoC army have hellcannons without any Chaos Dwarf units? This has always bugged me and I am here to set things right. You can check me out over at Chamber of the Everchosen.  I have ordered a large Dwarf army from Mantic that i will convert to CD and i have begun building my warmachines...
Magma Cannon WIP

Some WIP Deathshrieker Rockets...

Awesome magma cannon! A contraption that holds and shoots lava should be a hulking beast of a machine. Good job.
Thx for the great feedback. Yeah i was stumped on how to break up the flat surface on the "wings" and the circular top bit. I had a round spiky section but it looked a little strange because it sdidn't reach all the way around... i should just sculpt it or use plasticard as suggested. I think some more skulls and chains will liven it up a bit. Definatly will be working on those bits asap Happy

the big wheels on the rockets were heroclix bases i had removed from the LOTR range... i knew they would come in handy one day!
Great concept, and a very intriguing models so far! Very interested to see how this progresses and perhaps some of your other models?
HA! no reason to apologise! Thanks for being honest. I am here for advice from real Chaos Dwarf players/converters/painters! To be honest I too have an issue with the over sized reservoir. I had 2 bits that looked like that and i was going to use them for earthshaker nozzles but i got a  little carried away... I wanted to get rid of it but the rest of the model is kind of stuck to it. I think i'll try to either cut the top off to shorten it or remove it all together in favour of more pipes.
And thanks for the pointers with the rockets, i will keep the big wheels but i think they need to bulk up a bit.

BTW this forum rocks, thanks for the great input and feedback!

Geist Wrote:
I am sorry but I will be the voice of discontent.  The magma cannon is far too large, the drum that is over the barrel is massively out of propitiation with the chassis and the cannon barrel itself.  While I do admire the scratch build of the machine itself I just do not like how huge that reservoir is.  The other problem I have is the size of the wheels to the rocket batteries, again the wheels are huge way too big for how small the rocket tubes are.  The one with the small wheels works, the others not so much.  I would suggest making a frame out of sprues and mounting rockets from the imperial guard kits on that frame.  Kinda like a steam punk Napoleonic rocket only with several rockets per rig instead of one.  In a nutshell bigger rockets smaller wheels.  Yes I know how this sounds and yes I am sorry for being so blunt while others rain praise, but not all will agree with the works of another.  I actually have been the target of critics many times for my works.

I've made 2 Hellcannons for my WoC cause i was dirty on the original price (many moons ago). Here is a nice blurry pic of one of them:
Update on WIP Magma Cannon.

Admiral Wrote:
I'm not sure about the Hellcannon, but the Magma Cannon is looking better with each update! Don't hesitate to keep it as large as it is, but be careful to fill in ugly gaps and remove mould lines. I think the cannon carriage would look mighty fine if you added more wheels or even small sleigh parts somewhere.

That's one beauty of a scratchbuild!

Thx Admiral, great advice. New sets of wheels to help bulk it up, a few rivets here and there will sort it out Happy i only noticed the mould lines from the photo haha, gotta get onto that...Pirate

Good job. That magma cannon is getting really awesome. Looking forward to seeing it painted - or just base coated. A base coat does a lot for a converison like this - much easier to enjoy it as a model.

Any plan for crew? It's gonna be tough to make guys to match the crazyness of the machine.
The mantic dwarfs work quite well I think. You don't really have to go big hat - my firwst two units don't have them.

But other beards would be nice. And they are real easy to make and it doesn't take that much time. There are some great tutorials in that section of the forum.

Can't really give any feedback on the list - 8000 points. Don't really think any small adjustments are gonna make a difference at that size. Do you have 8000 points worth of bits now?
Cool work. Would like some close ups to see the details - especially on that taurus. Absolutely great idea for a conversion!

I think that the destroyer is supposed look the other way on the base. Where are the ginormous claws from?
Very interesting conversions. Really like to see them painted.
So that's oe way to assemble a gazilion troops on no time! Cool conversions on all the warmachines. The dead quake is really cool. Superglue lid shells - most remember that one. Looks good.

I like the steampunk/industrial look of the entire force. The machines fit well with the dwarf shooters.

Now for paint! The bane of any beuatiful army.
This gave me a rather good laugh. Promised yourself to not build anything before you've painted 9000 points.

Does one really need anything else having 9000 points?
Good work ethics to get that many deathshriekers done quickly! A pretty nasty thing to bring into a game.
Your army is growing pretty large and fast Vantraxx. Good work there. I too would like some better pictures deserves it. But you mobile can do better than it does. Put the miniatures on a sheet (so there's no distracting colour around) and take the pictures outside on in day light. That'll do wonders even for phone photos.

You must have a pretty large Army Medal in there. Mae a legal army list to accompany an army photo, then post a link to Nicodemus. Get your virtual bling.
That's the way to take photos of aweaome miniatures. Nice!
Have do you do the white background?

Anyway. Good job. Takes some slaves for more red snow.
So close to the 8000p mark - could be reached with the new FAQ allwing 50% lords. But that's the sheap way to get it.

It hasn't even been a year since you wrote "I ordered a Mantic Dwarf Army here's my magma cannon WIP". ... Holy Hashut! I'll send some slaves for this feat - amazing.
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