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Full Version: An alliance to watch the Old World burn.
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Your siege engines look really good, and I agree completely about the lack of other Chaos Dwarf units in the WoC army book. The option should be there, especially for Blunderbussers or Fireglaives to provide some shooting phase.

You've chosen surprisingly well for the two pairs of scratchbuilt wheels, since one doesn't even notice the lack of spokes which is otherwise so apparent with scratchbuilds.

The Magma Cannon is a real beast. I'm impressed by the amount of machinery detail put into it. You might, however, want to decorate those large "wings" on the nut (if those are the correct words in English). Furthermore you should break up the large rifled surface of the large black cap in some way. Plasticard bands to simulate iron bands with rivets could work in your favour, as would the occasional grisly trophy.
I'm not sure about the Hellcannon, but the Magma Cannon is looking better with each update! Don't hesitate to keep it as large as it is, but be careful to fill in ugly gaps and remove mould lines. I think the cannon carriage would look mighty fine if you added more wheels or even small sleigh parts somewhere.

That's one beauty of a scratchbuild!
Not a fan of Mantic Playmobil Dwarfs, but your Bale Taurus conversion is as smart as it is simple. Good work.
That magma cannon is coming along brilliantly.   But as someone said.   Take the time to go over the finer details like mold lines and gaps.  Once its painted those little things could ruin its looks
Wow... Just wow! 3 pages of pure awesome! You sir are one twisted individual!

My only question is how did you do the fireborn?

Can't wait to see the next update!
Massive army list. I like it and your character names. How about naming the units as well?

I'm a fan of your Daemonhost K'daai! They look great and are suiting for Chaos Dwarfs.

Bloodbeard Wrote:
This gave me a rather good laugh. Promised yourself to not build anything before you've painted 9000 points.

Does one really need anything else having 9000 points?

One does need 18000 points. Wink

This will be a big army to boot!

Agreed to the letter with the Norwegian. Wink

The Magma Cannons looks like experimental contraption from the hands of CD inventors. Nice!
Your custom-scratch-built-dakka is top notch. Truly inspiring, thanks for sharing it.
Looks good for the time spent on them. Maybe add a colour on something small to make them pop?
Nice Deathshriekers indeed. I see that they're based on CSM Havoc Missile Launchers - any other tips on how you built them?

I think the fairly limited colour palette works well too, though perhaps a bit of red or some other spot colour would help them pop more.
The paintjob is a bit rough, but it's shaping up nicely. Well done! Cheers!


pls take some nicer pics with good lighting, want to see all the details and cool stuff you have done!
Great warmachine conversions. Happy
Impressive! That's a good work output and nice result for such quick work. Very good! Cheers!
Nice work on the various war machines.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed Wrote:
Here are some more pix of my Earthshaker Cannon.
Bits used to make this one include 40 biker wheels, a pincushion, lots of chains and super glue lids

For a minute I was wondering where all the biker wheels had gone, before I realised that should just have been 40k biker wheels, rather than telling us that you used forty of them!

Nice! Welcome back, Thrice-Cursed. I like the bold green ornamental parts of that Dwarf Lord of Chaos. Takes Hat off
As a big fan of scratch-building, I approve this blog! Wink
Shoot some for me.  They are pretty scarce around here lately
Poor Heffalump, his nose is all tied up.

Great work.
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