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Full Version: The Khaozalid Dictionary
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Interesting concept. I'll watch this space.

It's not much input, but I've always imagined the Chaos Dwarf language as one of Khazalid which have become quite bastardized by adopting some Chaos tounge influences, with a slap of Babylonian on top of that.

Dwarfs being Dwarfs, even when devoted to Chaos, I guess core words in the language (like words for parents, stones, fire, metals, smithing and hunting) have remained virtually unchanged throughout the millenia, whilst some looser words (like equivalents of "for", "the", "such as") have mutated, as would many specialist terms.

Especially those terms associated with Daemonsmithing and other Dawi Zharr specialties would be prone to be exotic when compared to Khazalid, and many of the professional words wouldn't even make sense at all to outsiders, no matter their race or language, without a thorough explanation.
Haven't read the entire thread, but have read the entire first post. I'll go over this with a fine-tooth comb when I'm offline and have my Khazalid dictionary to hand. My initial comment is: don't try to get exact translations or entire translations a it makes things cumbersome.

E.g. Daemonsmith Sorcerer - Grungn-A-Dhaos'y Khaosul (Literally: Smith-Of-Daemonmetal Sorcerer) ; Khazalid + Dark Tongue of Chaos

When we could have, for example, Grungn-a-dhaos'y (literal: Smith of Daemonmetal, translation: Daemonmetalsmith, equivalent: Daemonsmith Sorcerer/Daemonsmith).

Just as an example of removing redundancies: we may find a contracted name for it still.

All that said, loving the idea, very glad it's opened up to the community to help decide. Parting comment: it's more likely suitable to be added to the Wiki when "completed", rather than Word of Hashut - purely because Word of Hashut won't have an issue for some time, yet...
Loving the progress I've seen. I'm going to make a concerted effort to get some better input on the project - MadHatter sent me a PM asking me to co-lead the project and it would be an honour.

My one comment until that time is - consider the pronunciation: Khazalid is a hard and guttural language, whereas the Dark Tongue is more oily and slithering - it can create some beautiful sounds and some that are a smidge awkward (although some should be due to it being a Chaotic language). A nice thing to do in some places is contract words (dhaosy-i'aqshy for example, I'm feeling we could contract into dha'aqshy - there are rules for such things in the 6th edition Hordes of Chaos Book. Also, some elements like a-aqshy [using the Khazalid "of" and Dark Tongue "fire"] can be edited, using the 6th edition Dwarfs book: something I'll be looking into Wink ).

Lastly, once we've started to get some of this really refined and crackalacking (new English word............. Yeah..... They'll believe that...), I want to do a Youtube series on pronunciation - I am an actor, after all Big Grin Then, it's a case of forming it into a fully fleshed language (I.E. how to build a sentence and such). MWAHAHAHAHA!
Gentlemen, I am facinated by your work here but I feel that there is one more piece of oft ignored lore that should be covered.

From Dreadfleet

Black Kraken

Zhugulzar - The Black Port
My thoughts exactly.

As for Zhugulzar, I think that "the black port" would be a colloquial name rather than a literal translation of the name. I cannot find any further information apart from a vague location.
This thread is a joy to follow.

I'm not a grammatically inclined man and would not be of much use for the project even if I made a serious attempt at it, but I'll give two thumbs up from the crow's nest. Takes Hat off
Wow, so much goodness already!
MadHatter: Stole my name for the bastardisation of the two languages Wink been mentally calling it that since my last post. Found I haven't got my 6th edition Warriors of Chaos book up here (in storage over 200 miles away!) and not had a chance to get on here until now. All looking good.

I can guarantee that The Black Port isn't it's official title and that Zhugulzar is the noun for the port. I believe it's Varr (from the top of my head) for Port. Additionally, regarding ships/airships etc, I will have to re-read The Great Betrayal as it makes mention of the first airship and so on.

Regarding the use of apostrophes and hyphens, it may be a case by case basis, but hyphens are preferable to apostrophes because of the Khazalid roots. A lot of the formation of the language may be down to what "feels" right, but we can certainly base a rough system on it.

You're making excellent progress and I'm sorry I'm yet to hold up my end of the bargain (my workload is really piling on at the moment, but in my business, I can't afford to say no and am currently do around a dozen different jobs and in different capacities). It may be that you get the groundwork and toil done and I end up tweaking the grammar and so on.

You're getting some extra slaves to help you and commend/praise you. You have done well, my padawan Tongue Wink
In that case, it's Barr that is port. But I was fairly certain Barr meant gate. Then again, Barak Varr means Sea-Gate, so that's probably what it is.
Will honestly be able to start this properly next week Big Grin

I will also get the relevant airship terms as I want to update the wiki with The Great Betrayal's mentioning of us anyway Happy
The problem with hate is that it is a concept and Khazalid struggles to define them (as it does emotions). You will likely find that it will be something they despise (grobi or urks, maybe elgi) with a suffix to define it.

The translation for ship is a hard one (until I check the book Happy ) because it's not something that REALLY exists all that much (at the time of the team writing the rules and some words of Khazalid). But there are words for them! Dreadfleet likely has a mention as well - Grimnir's Thunder is the kind of ship that gets mentioned in The Great Betrayal anyway.

Definitely worth getting The Great Betrayal. We get mentioned on page 61, it has useful terms and a glossary, but ultimately is a good read about Dwarfs.
I have found a pretty major issue with the conversion of the dark toungue into khazalid. Changing the soft S to a hard Z renders the native name Astrogoth unpronounceable. This may well mean that the language of the dawi zharr contains a mixture of the sounds of the dark toungue and khazalid. Which brings forward the question is there any other known chaos dwarf words with the sounds of the dark toungue.

Thoughts gentlemen?
It's inevitable to encounter problems like this when trying to to fit previously made-up stuff to a new set of rules. Fudging the rules is always allowed in language!
On the topic of Hatred could we possibly use the word for grudge (Dammaz) as a base?

The concept of the grudge is the closest thing to hatred Khazalid has.

something along the lines of ever-grudge, dark-grudge (Dum-dammaz), "harsh or unyielding"-grudge (Grim-dammaz), death-grudge (Uzkul-dammaz) or murder-grudge (Thaggak-dammaz).

Not sure if I'm doing grammar correctly as I am writing this away from my source-books.
Good to see you back on the project! As said, I'm sure it'll turn out good whichever course you take.

For the record i think Priestley (a person of obvious quality creativity) missed an opportunity when he and possibly other developers back in 4th edition thought of Chaos Dwarf language as merely Khazalid.
Any youtube pronunciation video deserves to be well prepared (practice a bit) and presented by a fellow in a knitted big hat with beard. Respect to the Hat!
I'm finally back! Been on tour with a show and my April's manic as all hell.

A few quick notes - s should only be used prior to a t or a k. Otherwise, a z or zh is used (zh pronounced like a soft j).

Re: v1.5 - so pleased you managed to get so much done! I'm still trying to get round to finding the 6th ed Hordes of chaos chart (my parents MAY be bringing up the book this weekend). I'll jump to this ASAP, but I'm still fractitious with time.

As for the Youtube thing - the pronunciation is very simple for me Happy Actors need to have some talents, right? Tongue Anyhow, I will certainly try to get the hat to start up the channel - I have mentioned a desire, but getting to placing the order and giving the money is harder Tongue
Is their a wider dictionary you could draw inspiration from? Is Tolkein Dwarvish similar enough to the GW Dwarf language?

After hearing this week that there is no K in the Klingon language (Nerdist podcast with David J Peterson about linguistics and invented languages) it seems that you can't go too far wrong in comparison to what other people have come up with.
Splendid work output. Is it names for ships from the Man o' War army list and anything Chaos Dwarfen from Dreadfleet (plus my own inventions) you want for the nautical terms? Or is it actual nautical terms like steerboard, aft etc? The latter would be a bit difficult.

The advantage of Rinn-Zharr is that it captures the general temperament of Chaos Dwarf women. Respect to the Hat!
Nice, you're already at nauticals!

The vessels I made up were these:

The Grappler boarding ship, which had six pick arms ready to strongly smash down on nearby foes to lock them in place. Also twin magma cannons

The Hellbarge, which is a cheap little ship sporting a chained Hellcannon and a similarly possessed Daemonic ram designed to catch the rampaging Hellcannon, in case of mishap, and make use of its forward momentum to propel the Hellbarge into enemy ships if the steersman can aim it. This ship has a small crew of Chaos Dwarfs as possible since Hellbarges will eventually be destroyed by their own Hellcannons one way or another, whether through direct attack or accidental sinking like capsizing when the hellcannon hits the ram, strikes enemy ships or cartwheels over the railing.

The humble Chaos Dwarf tugboat, necessary to transport the Ziggurat of the seas. Armed with a Magma Cannon for emergencies, it's just a steam-powered vessel sporting a strong chain and hook structure.

Every other ship mentioned was taken from Man o' War for continuity's sake. I hope this is of any help. I can't really figure out any sailor's terms which would be good to have in the dictionary and easy to translate.
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