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Full Version: Golden Hat #4
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This is meant to cover both the Orc and Goblin entries for Chaos Dwarfs.  So you could have a unit of 5 on 20mm bases or 25mm bases.  Black Orcs will not be excepted.

Also, don't make a Chaos Dwarf Slaver, we are saving that for later (possibly Golden Hat V).

Have fun!  I know I will. Wink


Hehehe... I can see them now... Can I make backstories for all five to get extra points?

Also, what about a Chaos Dwarf slave? A traitor or criminal or something perhaps?

Pyro Stick Wrote:
I would of prefered a plain painting competiton for once but oh well....

Plain how? o.o

Also, no Ogres, 20mm, or 25mm bases only.

Grim's explanation is correct.  The models should represent the Orc entry or the Goblin entry, not the Black Orc entry.

Pyro, you don't have to convert anything.  You could just use 5 Orcs, or 5 Goblins, and paint them really well.

Accepted, not excepted. Heh, whoops.


Yeah. That would be awesome. I think I'll make something like that, but not for GH4. :/
Wow, that was quick!  You can take up to 4 pictures to submit. Happy  Send them in a PM to either myself or TFB. Happy
It's up to you.  Some people feel revealing their entry at the last minute gives it more Wow value, whereas entries revealed early loose their Wow value over time.
Hey man, I seem to recall these being part of your army you posted.  For entries, we want to encourage new creations. Happy  So if you have 5 unpainted models of this sort of variety you should give them a go. Wink
Send them to myself, via PM.

If you need your images hosted, sign up for a PhotoBucket account:
You can, but be forewarned!  Posting pics early has a habit of taking the excitement and freshness out of a contest entry!  You can lose the wow-factor. Happy
I will compile the entries tomorrow and post a poll. Happy

Taking a bit longer than expected.... stay tuned.
Ya, sorry for the wait there guys, been a bit busy. Christmas and all that.  I will put up the poll very soon!
I need Hashut's Blessing's entry.  I can't find it, as soon as I get that, the poll will go up.  I will PM HB...
He has it now and as far as I know, yes the competition is still on.
I will try to post this today.
Hrm, maybe tomorrow, I was too busy today.... sleeeeeeep...... z.z
This contest has been over for more than a month!  Rest assured there will be a GHV!
You guys can make a thread in the CD Discussion section if you like. Happy
I was sorting out the entries just now, and I can't find HB's!!  Ugh!

It must be on my work computer... :/

Poll posted tomorrow, with any luck. Sorry for the delay, busy times.
Ya, please email them to me, HB.

Sorry for the delay everyone.
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