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Full Version: [kickstarter] creature caster
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check it out: lots of great monsters

What do you think about this guy as a K'daai destroyer?

(the wings are optional btw)
size reference:
That could be a great Destroyer, but also a nice Deamon PrinceWink
Cronus golem would kick his ass, but I'm only saying that cos I have one. Cool sculpt.
Some pretty insane monsters in that campaign.  And there are many other monsters to come.

They will be hell to transport around though.

That Khorne ... Warrior demon could  ake a cool destroyer. But I don't like destroyers too 'regular demon'. Would take of the wings and add a dawi zharr beard.
That could work well. I'd have put chains, runes and bonds on him if I had used him for K'daai. It'd work better for Daemons or WoC.
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