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Full Version: [Kickstarter] Drakerys
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I already talk about this Kickstarter campaign here, for their Fire elemental, but it seems that it now deserve it's own thread, as they announced the "Aurium Dwarfs".
According to the concept art, it seems that some of them will be evilish :

What do you think about them?
Its got potential, I like the GW one the most!
I'll have to see them sculpted first, but they have potential. They'd need proper beards, though!
Interesting! But the more I looked at the first guy, the more I thought he looked like he's wearing over stylized elf armor (especially with the swirl details and lion faces)...and then it dawned on me that this Aurium guy looks a bit like the Auroran guys from Oblivion Knights of the Nine.
Even the names are similar:  Aurium / Auroran.

But I still like the idea, and looking forward to see what more they will add...always happy to see more kit-bashing possibilities Takes Hat off
Thanks for sharing this with all of us Cheers!
They look quite Greek in some ways.
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