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Full Version: How long have you played warhammer
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D'dos Croizii

Only a month and a half, still a newbie
Since Fall of 1989 for WFRP; 1990 for Fantasy Battle.
I started collecting WH Undead back in 1994.
................2004..........The year archaon on foot was released. It seems like i have been collecting for much longer than that.
When it was first released but i had a break of fifteen years while travelling running  clubs,Festivals etc got back into it again about six years ago and opened the treasure trove of boxes that had been stored awayBig Grin

Willmark Wrote:
1994? That's it? Fffffttttt! Noob! Happy

Yeah but still - as soon as I had the money as a young beardling, I spent it for GW - so I still showed the right attitude!

I must've began in 2003.
I have a depressing feeling I started playing before some of you were even born.

My first year of High School, I think, which would have been around 1986.
Nearly 6 years ago now Sorcerer. Kinda hard to believe.
We may be ancient but the child still lives within us.we still allow that child self its pleasure of play,long live the child withinSorcererBig Grin
Age is relative and my relatives are youngBig Grin 8 yr old daughter and 11week old boy keep me youngRespect to the Hat!

This_Is_My_Boomstick!! Wrote:
1989, 3rd edition rulebook and heroquest, loved the warhammer background with the huge amount of races in it, many years later...............

Oi, I had Heroquest too! Happy When was that, uh... around 1990. But back then I did not realize that it was set in a much bigger and already well established fantasy world.

Kera foehunter Wrote:
Wow it looks like Wallacer is the one who played the longest

No i think thats me was playing in 1983 but had collected citadel GW minis since 1979Sorcerer
Tho i did have a break so havent actually been playing all the time

Thats cool my memories stretch way back when it worksSorcerer i will post pics of some undead soon that has lots of the first minis  ie valley of the four winds(minifig)that will show my ageRespect to the Hat!
i have a feeling it was 89 or 90 for me. heroquest wanst my first, but i was still rather young wheni got that. 6 or 7 i think, though id been building model planes and stuff for a while as a precursor.

it seems rather odd that for 3/4 of my life i have been making/painting/playing with little models.

can anyone remember back to something like trollz mini games? i remember there was a lot of random stuff back then. picked up a board game by GW thats practically ancient with no minis but moving cones around a kind of galactic board. cant remember what it was called Sad oh well.
orcs and goblins 1994


The year 2000 for me. Collected Tzeencthian Beasts.
ha ha keeps me too young i reckon!

Kera foehunter Wrote:
Point of order on the locked thead.It states how long have you been playing  ????
my thead how long have you played war hammer
they are not the same thead

Its the exact same thread, just worded differently. The only difference is the use of the word 'played' in place of 'been playing'.

since WD 180.  It was the issue for the release of Codex: Ultramarines, and Marneus Calgar.  I have always been more of a collector than a gamer though.  I think that puts me 1994/1995.
About 2000, with a 2 year break. Started off with vampires, then switched to beastmen, and then to Dawi Zharr (plus daemons).
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