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Full Version: Project: Banners [DONE]
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Project: Banners

I have spent a lot of hours lately on an attempt to remake all the classic Chaos Dwarf banner’s from the old 4/5th edition army book: White Dwarf Present’s: Chaos Dwarfs. The reason I have done this is, that the Big Hat range of Chaos Dwarf models from Games Workshop contains a lot of empty banner poles. Two empty poles on the back of every hero and lord, except the one pole on the Taurus Lord, and every single unit entry has empty banner poles as well. Modern figures come with sculpted metal or plastic banners, but back in the day’s one had to make them in paper or simply cut them out from the army book.  Now this presents a serious issue. Should I cut up my army book, or make freehand painted paper banner? I’m personally bad at freehand, and I don’t like cutting op old, rare army books. That left me with two suboptimal options: Should I copy banners from my army book, or print the scanned versions from the Wiki. Both options are fairly easy and quick, but the result is banners in an abysmal quality, since the new print would rely on already printed material, which ruins the sharpness, colors and visibility.

So what have you actually done?
I have spent quite a lot of hours (300ish) in Photoshop, where I have re-drawn and re-colored all the old banner’s in 300 dpi resolution and a very high pixel count.  I have kept a good overview in my layers, so that I can easily customize new banners based on the already finished frames, icons and motifs. Then I have resized all the banners into a single A4 sized paper, in which all the banners size should correspond with their original size from the army book once printed. Lastly I have uploaded a tiny, cropped internet version of each of the banners to the wiki, and made a link to the print quality version as well as this thread.

Does this look decent on the actual models?
I think they look pretty decent. I have linked some pictures from my army blog which has some of the banners on painted miniatures. Keep in mind that the banners can be folded slightly to represent wind, and not hang static on the poles. I just don’t prefer that personally.

How do I get the banners?

You click on the wiki link: HERE

You scroll down to Malorndks Classic Banners

Here you can see all the remakes of the original banners, as well as a subgroup for all the recolored and customized banners (more on this later)

If you find a banner you would like, simply click on the link to the print quality version. This will download a .jpg image in A4 size, containing either all the classic iterations of the banners, or the recolored and customized versions of the banners, depending on which category you chose your banner from.

Print the image in the highest possible quality available. Consider doing it at your work or some place that has a good printer. I don’t know much about paper thickness, but plain paper is too thin, and the semi cardboard I print my banners on is nearly too thick. Experiment a little if you can get away with it.

How do I attach my new banner to my model?

I do it the following way:

1: Cut the wanted banner free with a scissor. Remove the white around the edges with the scissor.

2: Grab a brush and an Abyssal Black/Chaos Black. Slowly paint edge black, without hitting the front of the banner. Let it dry.

3: Slowly fold the corners together. Once everything is aligned and you are sure it will fit, apply clue. Super glue is too strong, so use a mediocre clue like a glue used for tree or something (Trälim for my Scandinavian buddies).

4: This is the hardest part, getting the glue to hold the banner in space and together the way you want to can be tricky. Try to get it under mild pressure, so you don’t have to pay constant attention during the glues hardening phase.

5: Once the glue is dry, you might need to apply a thin layer of paint to bend area of the banner, if the print has freckled.

6: If you aren’t happy with end result. Try again. Rinse and repeat until you find a reliable way to do it yourself.
2016 EDIT: Way more banners has been made and I don't think the service below is as needed anymore. Feel free to PM me but don't expect much.

What are the Recolored/Customized Banners?
These banners are the banners I have made, that aren’t intended to be identical to the once in the army book. Their size often correspond to the original banner, but the colors or combinations in motifs, icons and frames might vary a lot, but should keep the same overall feel and iconography. The long term goal is to slowly expand this category with the banners I need for my own army, as well as the banners I make for other peoples armies. With all the ground work done already, it shouldn’t require a whole lot on me to make recolors and tweaks to the banners, so they fit other peoples armies. If anyone want some banners, please let me know via PM. I do it completely for free, to give back to the community which has given me so much. If you want to send some slaves or spare models as a thank I won’t deny you, but it’s really not a requirement.

What is the limit of your helpfulness?
Any banners, which require me to draw something completely from scratch, will require a lot of work from me.  I will still get some new Icons, frames and full banners when I make some for myself, but I don’t have enough time to scratch built banners for others. What I can do fast, is to take already existing banners and recolor them to fit your army theme, or take already existing banner elements (like frames, outer shapes and icons) and combine them to a new banner.

What do you intend to for yourself at a later stage?
In the future, I’ll need some additional banners for my own army, that will be uploaded to the wiki as well. This includes some BSB sized creations, some additional banners for heroes and lords, and maybe some of the classic banners from the 5th edition OnG book (Goblins, Orcs and Black Orc banners for our slaves). When I’m making banners for my own army, they might just be recolors as well, but from time to time ill draw something from scratch and try to get the right feel.

What do I need to do to get you to make me some banners?
It’s a somewhat hard tutorial, but it will make communication between us better, so that you get what you actually want, and I don’t waste my time making something you won’t use. I want to make two tutorials, so you can easily understand how you ask me to make you some banners, but they take a long time to make so I will see if there is an interest in me doing that before I make the hard tutorial.
A contribution like this is absolutely brilliant. And the wikipage look awesome. Make sure to link to the wiki in you post. I'll never get to use these myself, but a big thank you is still in order.

I will send you 19 slaves - one for each classic banner.

Using paper banners
My high elf playing friend uses nothing but homemade papr banners. Here's a tip from him. When you fol the banners, glue a piece of aluminium foil in the center. This will strengthen the banners a lot and keep the shape if you decide to make a "wind" effect.

Important thread
This thread deserves to be marked "important" by an admin or moderator.

Edit: I would love to see the GW Italy banner redone. The perfect BSB banner.
Wow thank you for that! Anyone who actually spends time to write a tutorial for the rest of us is a massive hero to me! That was extremely interesting, can't wait to read the second part Big Grin!
Very good good and thorough work here. Have some slaves. Thread stuck. Happy
Wow, that is an insane amount of work and with great results.
Beautiful work on the classic banners, thank you so much for putting in the time to update them, and sharing your work with all of us.
You just got my vote for CDO Best Contributor 2014  Cheers!
This is incredibly impressive. Good job.
Excellent work, and a big thanks for contributing to the community. Projects that benefit everyone are my favourite!

All are beautiful, but the bull skull design in the middle is AWESOME <3
Beautiful classic designs and colors...Big Hat gold!
Agreed, these are gold nuggets in your fantastic banner collection. The bull skull standard is ace!
Take some slaves!
Fantastic job!
Very well done.  Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this! Takes Hat offCheers!
Really cool. This is a great resource for CDO, good stuff.
Amazing job here. I always make my own banners from plasticard and paint them but these is a great source for inspiration!
Very useful for everybody.
Good catch, Malorndk! That is indeed a piece of news worth notifying your users about.
Thread moved to Modelling Ideas & Advice. Image salvage and replacement of images to be carried out.
big fan of this thread thanks for saving everything Big Grin
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