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Full Version: Monsters and Large Infantry - K'daai Fireborn
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This thread is for completed and painted K'daai Fireborn models.
Classic K'daai fireborn:

K'daai proxis = Temple Dog Riders:

More K'daai proxies = Dark Mariners

My K'daai:

My take on them, being animated icons of gods from neighbouring lands

Fore more info, check my painting log.
6 converted k'daai fireborns. more at

Here my version of them currently up in the BSL:

My Milliput Fireborn:

More (wip) pics on my Blog.
K'daai Fireborn with big hats heavily converted from BFSP trolls
My first thre fireborn,

My Fireborn with a Manburner

This section is for K'daai Fireborn.  Looking forward to seeing lots of creativity here!   This section also contains the previous K'daai Fireborn thread which has been merged.

K'daii Fireborn V8

K'daii Fireborn V4
My K'daai Iceborn.

I have one of them

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