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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf Allies & Slaves - Hobgoblin Cutthroats
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Not green skins but its what I'm using as a 'count as'

My attempt at Hobgoblin Archers and with Spears

From my army blog BeeZharr's Obnoxious Host
Oh, I never posted my guys:

My Hobgoblin Warriors:

Hobgoblin Infantry
hobgoblin unit 1

unit 2


converted to go in my new army


My hobogoblins(now my brother's)

They look nice but the picture is blurry, is it possible to post another one? Wink

First of my Hobgoblin units,
Mighty Throg and his hobgoblin Despoilers of the Dark Lands combined with the DL2-Set to a unit of 24::

More Hobgobs with HW/S

and they have their own kitchen crew:

Some Archers
Some Grenadier Orcs as Hobgoblin Infantry.

A lone ADD54 Hobgoblin and 11 Citadel FTO Orcs with crossbows as Hobgoblin Archers.

My Ral partha Orcs as normal Hobgoblin Infantry,

Some citadel  and Chronicle Hobgoblins with two-handed weapons,

Some more old Hobgoblins with a mixed weapon make-up this time,

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