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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf Allies & Slaves - Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
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Post pictures of your hobgoblin wolf riders here.

They are vile, cowards and you can see more here...
Front of Hobgoblin "wolfriders"

Angle of Hobgoblin "wolfriders"

Top of Hobgoblin "wolfriders"

Still need to finish the bases.
And's My interchangeable Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero!

The finished Two Hand Weapon Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero.

The finished Heavy Weapon Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero.

The finished Hand Weapon and Shield Hobgoblin Wolfboys Hero.
Below my 2 units of wolf riders

rats rather than wolves

This section is for Hobgoblin Wolf Riders and contains the merged contents of the old Wolf Riders Gallery.

Wolfriders V2
Hobgobin Wolfrider Proxies:

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