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Full Version: Warmachines - Iron Daemon War Engine / Skullcracker
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Post pictures of your Iron Daemons and Skullcrackers here. Any comments will be deleted.

first! Cheers!

Some pics of my Iron Daemon

Taken from my army blog BeeZharr's Obnoxious Host

Do conversions count?

Fore more info, check my painting log.

My first and probably only iron daemon,

My Iron Demon

Yodrin Wrote:
My Iron Demon

very nice Yodrin, what is the size of the base?

This section is for your completed Iron Daemon and Skullcracker models and contains the merged contents of the old Iron Daemons and Skullcrackers thread.

Iron Daemon
Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon
My scratchbuilt iron daemon.

My alternative "organic/living" Iron Daemons:

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