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Full Version: Warmachines - Hellcannon / "Ass Cannon" / Siege Cannon
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A place for us to show pictures of finished Hellcannons only.  The Hellcannon is a real beast of a model, and takes a long time to paint.  It can be a centre piece of an army and really does demand attention.  As such I think its a good idea for us to collate all the photos of it in one place for easy reference.

We can also use this thread to show Hellcannons painted by people outside this forum.

So if anyone has a photo of a fully finished Hellcannon, reply here!  It doesn't matter if its been converted to represent an Earthshaker.
To start with, taken straight from his Showcase Gallery:

Kris Aubin's.  The proud owner of 2 painted hellcannons!

Bjorni's (full army)

Some taken from Google, CMON and


I didn't find it took that long to paint, actually - maybe because so much of my version was metal and I've got a pretty good technique down for doing dark, rusty iron quickly and easily.
I guess I should post mine?

Hellcannon (Stand in Earthshaker) by Willmark

And here's mine

Thread is here.

Hell / Ass Cannon

Updated with chains and new base.
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