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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf Characters - Sorcerer-Prophet/Sorcerer (inc. Mounted) and Daemonsmiths
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This section is for your Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-Prophets and Daemonsmith Sorcerers, which may be either on foot or mounted.

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Astragoth High Priest of Hashut, V1

Astragoth High Priest of Hashut, V2

Sorcerer Lord on Lammasu

Sorcerer Lord on Palanquin

Sorcerer on a "flying carpet"

Sorcerer Lord

Dark'h Vaduur
Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith Sorcerors
My limited Daemonsmith

My ProphetRespect to the Hat!

Some of the scorcerers who join the Lizard King:

My Sorcerer-Prophet

My Daemonsmith-Sorcerer

My sorcerer-prophet.

The first painted of my daemonsmiths:

My Daemonsmith. Dispel caddy, death lore practiciant.

Here are my lord and hero level sorcerer.

My sorcerers:

One little guy I intend to use as a Daemonsmith or Lord depending on my needs.
My MM90 Sorcerer:-

Another ancient CD, The Venerable "Kludge".  Destined to be as dedicated a Daemonsmith as there has ever been.
Here seen serving faithfully on his Altar of Hashut

Stone Breaker Anti-Sorcerer - used as Kings of War - Iron Caster (Sorcerer Equivalent)

My newly created Lord Kvack'dup.

My Sorcerer Prophets:

Sorcerer on Lamassu
Sorcerer Prophet Barvrhak Bloodforge

Daemon-Smith Thazhar Shadow-Axe
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