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Full Version: Critical Hit #4 - Podcast
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Leaving some feedback would be great.

Also, if anyone is interested in hosting an all Warhammer (all GW?) Podcast with me, I am looking for co-hosts.

-Xander Cheers!
It sounds cool, but I'm not sure what to do. Do you need an iPod?
Haha, a popular misconception.

Podcasts are merely MP3 Broadcasts.  Like recorded radio.  Just click the link and press play.

To do a podcast all you need is a mircophone.
I always presumed that you needed an iPod for a podcast.
I am MORE than happy to co-present. What sort of topics would we cover and how regularly? Also, with mp3 files, can you not have pictures etc? Or is that mp4 (If there IS such a thing. i remember having heard that somewhere before)?
I'd be happy to help out.
Wow, it still surprises me how many people think you need an iPod to listen to a podcast.  Ya, mp4 or something can display pictures on iPods during podcasts.  Critical Hit doesn't use such a  thing.  

As for a GW Podcast, I am looking for 2 co-hosts.  Hopefully one of which knows 40k, if not, I'd make an all Fantasy cast.  It would basically break down like this:

- GW Announcements
- New Releases
- Any Other News
- Confirmed or Denied Rumours (From previous shows)
- Discussion of Unconfirmed Rumours
- Review new releases, model-wise, theme-wise, paint-scheme-wise, wtc.
- This includes new Army Books or Games or Rulesets, ie. Summer Campaign
Up and Coming:
- Discussion of expected Future Events like the Summer Campaign, or timeline for army releases

That's a rough outline of a show.  We'd probably cast once a month.  We use a free Voice Over IP program called Gizmo which allows you to record conversation between multiple people.

Catch me via PM or MSN if interested in being a host. Happy
The link won't open for's a never ending loading sequence.
Hal, don't know what to say.  It should load fine. o.o
If I can somehow get hold of a microphone, I'll be a co host. When do you plan to record it?
You can buy microphone headsets for about 10 in some places. Just search on an electronics store's website or something, shouldn't take long Uzkul.
Ah ha! Easy peasy! Thanks Hashut's Blessing!
No problem. Just thought I'd help!
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