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Full Version: [14/11/2017] Shar'tor the Executioner
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Many wargamers don't paint that good after a decade in the hobby, and that's your first painted miniature? Shock

Great first, you're off to a good start then!
Haha, you also decorate bases with mushrooms? I didn't notice first, because of cow. My brother have invented a simpler and quicker method where the foot of the mushroom is just a paper clip, L-bent at bottom to be pinned into the base, and the hat is a cone (sometimes wavy) of grey stuff. He churn them out at great speed for his Night Gobbos, but some more professional ones like yours sure would make it look better. I'll pass on the tutorial to him. Nice one, too. Happy
Nice idea using a nail as a haft.

Don't worry about how long these are taking you; they put my current efforts to shame, let alone my early attempts at painting.


Really nice painting! Face is beautiful and the metals are nice!
Superb looking bulls you got there!
Beautiful unit.  The "cow" skin works well.  Its different and thats OK.  You like it so do it.
Really cool. Love the murky earth tones and the mushrooms!
Nice work!
I finally found an artists drawing of a Bull centaur I thought you might enjoy

Nicely dark, though I personally prefer some contrast between differing materials.
The eyes on "Mad Marik Trollbiter" show up really well
I don't really have much to say, but you have done a nice job with those classic miniatures. It's funny how well they fit in, whereas the big hats that were in between these two ranges stick out like a sore thumb. (Perhaps it would be interesting to see what they would look like with a similar paint scheme, rather than bright red.)


Yeah its a shame the big hats don't fit in so well, I'd still love a unit of blunderbusses just for shits and giggles with my all helms/masks army. I'm more tempted to go with Vanilla Marauder Thunderers though I think as I love those mini's too. I'm doing the same kind of thing as you so far I have LOTR/Hobbit, 3rd ed and FW models.
The dark color scheme is really nice on the individuals, just not sure how a whole army will look, think they will get lost a bit in the darkness, but that could be a cool thing, one big dark mass of shapes. I like the way you broke up the dark armor with some splashes of light here and there. I would go for a 3 color scheme if you can. So dark metallic black, white and one other
Idem, you've got my vote. I found it well-thought, nice and innovative idea of conversion.
Your grim-dark scheme looks great and still manages to make the models pop! Love it!
That is where the fanatics are hiding.
Night Goblins will always be Night Goblins in my head, but thats my problem... Yours are superbly painted and with the shrooms you have a great feeling to the unit as well!
So damn cool stuff! I agree with the white colour choice, really sweet!
Beef! Cheers!
Wow, some mean looking bulls! I love an alternative look and that's what you've done with these colour schemes
Don’t think I’ve ever commented on this blog but there is some great stuff here. Your painting style is very understated and subtle but that’s what makes it look so great. To me it looks very natural. Great job.
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