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Full Version: Squats Kickstarter
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A cool, to fund some squats.
They're not that much 40k, so maybe a skilled converter can do something with them :

Who thought to Astragoth ? Big Grin

Too futurist for an Iron Daemon ?

And even captives !
Those captives are certainly useful for Chaos Dwarfs. Everything else looks too futuristic in my eyes, but will be sweet like hell to a Squat army. Happy

Ramshackle, eh? I've got good experience with their drill pods. Beware the brittleness of their resin and some difficulty fitting things together. A lot of cleaning might be needed on some stuff. Otherwise it's pretty good stuff for the cheap price.

These new products might be something to watch...
The slaves are very tempting.

Thanks for the link.
These space dwarf models look pretty fun:

Also has mechs and bears.
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