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Full Version: Scribe's Contest I - Voting!
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Welcome to the voting thread for the 1st Scribe's Contest writing competition, sponsored by Titan Wargames!

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to Scribe account (a special account all Staff members can access). We had 13 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 13 slaves once the winners have been announced. There will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze Scribe's Contest medals to be awarded!

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 13. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like we will do the rest.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM Nov 16th, 2014 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

Entry #1

"What are ya laggards ducking for?  They couldn't hit an elder dragon at this dist-"
- Last words of Overseer Zhedzvik to his Ironsworn, before being shot by a Skaven Jezzail team

"Verily I do say thou art mine children from this time and for ever more. But be warned, I am a strict father and dost not suffer failure gladly. I hath set thou above all other races in mine dominion but tis only through strife thou shalt maintain thy position, for I am a loving Father and would seest thou prosper and tis mine love that guides mine hand to make it so, for from strife cometh determination, from determination cometh strength, from strength cometh pride and I would seest thou proud of all thy accomplishments.  So I command the, go forth and make me proud in mine love of thee."
- The Dark Father's Farewell to the Twelve Sons as presented in one of the few surviving fragments of the now lost epic

"The Dark Father has led us astray; with every prayer, with every sacrifice, every offering burnt and slave whipped He slices away another part of our soul. We teeter on the Abyss and only through the Ancestors can we step back. In Hashut's name we shackle slaves but in truth it is we who are the slaves, burdened under His yoke that only the might of the Ancestors can cast off. Mark my words!
- Last testimony of the Arch-Heretic Drazkhkûl Stonefist before being sacrificed in The Temple of Hashut at the summit of Mingol Zharr-Naggrund on the night of Ar'Uzkul

Entry #2

"You don't have to be evil. You can choose.”
- Jakkobus I, son of Zakkary, first peacemaker between the hostile clans

Entry #3

"Honorable master cannoneer, the effectiveness  of this awesome device of destruction was significantly enhanced by me with the help of Hashut's blessing. Just pull this lever when firing….
Hm? Yes, of course it is safe!"
- Wrazlav the Weird, daemon engineer, before the battle of the three peaks

"By Hashut's secret name!  What the … Three cannons in one month! My beer glasses trembled in my cupboard this time not to speak of the crewmen! Until end of the year you will 'enhance the effectiveness' of the slaves' latrines instead! With a mop!"
- Murakat the Merciless, sorcerer lord of Kesham tower, after the battle of the three peaks

Entry #4

"Take a look at the burning and writhing bodies of the slaves, thus ends a good day!“
- Shalhad the Cruel, High Priest of Uzkulak

"No rat shall survive… burn them all to honour Hashut!“
- Kharlund the Immortal, after the battle of Seep-Gore

"In the dust unworthy!"
- Hathlarkk the Damned, after the ambush at Nadhak Priest of Hashut near the Road of Skulls

Entry #5

"My youngest Zharrling will be 5 years of age tomorrow, so we're giving him a birthday party for him and 20 of his friends. I'll be needing some slaves for the youngsters to play with as party favors...but no damn Ogre's, they burn far too slowly and you know how children these days are, they'll lose interest if it takes more than a minute for them to kill it. about you give me about 150 Gnoblars? And cut out their tongues first, the damn little things curse too much when you disembowel them, not fitting for a 5 year old to hear such foul rubbish at that age. Can you also give me 25 spiked mallets for the young ones, so they can bash in the Gnoblars' heads with?"
- Proud Dawi Zharr father, overheard at the local slave market

Entry #6

"Who's ready to face the furnace?"
-  Grimbold Blackhammer, banner-bearer and keeper of the Black Hammer of Hashut, every time he issues a challenge

"That looks like a job for the Hobgoblins."
-  Delman Blackhammer every time something dangerous begins to approach

Entry #7

"Watch yourselves, Beardlings. Hashut may have decided to bless you with that Immortal armour, but He has cursed you by putting you under my command. Be warned - your life belongs to me now until either you die or I die. Your every breath will be at my command and every step you make will be in time with mine. Every strike you make with your hell bladed axes will fall upon my enemies' heads and every block you make with your obsidian shields will be to save a body that belongs to me. That is the life of an Immortal Warrior."
- Groth Steelbeard, addressing new recruits before the battle of Ghorkan Pass

"What shall become of me? I am neither of Grungni nor Hashut, yet the powers of Chaos have claimed my soul as their own. I feel their power raging through me. My fingertips are tingling as the winds of magic ripple through them. I know not where I stand in this world. Will I be accepted into the halls of Zharr Naggrund or will I be cursed with forever wandering these northern wastes? I suppose the only way to find out is to visit upon my hateful cousins and pray that they accept me as one of their own."
- Skrogg the Betrayer, to his servant Gorsh the Half-Man

Entry #8

"Your K'Daai Destroyer has a lesser agenda than your peer's creations, and too many useless parts.
It is yours to defeat alone and... undressed."
- Grand Daemonsmith Darzokk to a pupil who had bound a Daemon of Slaanesh in a moment of distraction and failure

"My Lammasu has fallen.  
Give the ivory and claws to the Daemonsmiths. Send the hide to the Lords for display and honour. Leave his beard intact or your beard and slaves are forfeit.  The blood is Hashut’s, offer it in flames.  Every drop that is wasted will be supplemented by your own.
Bring me the strongest of his progeny, he was bred often and well. I will bind myself to him and the Will of Hashut. We will avenge the father. Prepare the sacrifices."
- Instructions of the Great Lammasu Rider and Daemonsmith Borgraurus the Crusher at the loss of his first Lammasu

"Drink the blood of the mountain! Drown in the floods of Hashut! Feel the burning hatred of the god!"
- Battlecry of Magma Cannon Crew Member Khrazgrup the Cooker

Entry #9

"By the fires of Hashut, let them burn in the flames of eternal torment!"
- Anonymous

Entry #10

"Dusting it gently with a pinch of crushed elfbone after shining your cleaned hat throughly with Halfling fat gives it that sought-after quality gloss in which the fires of Zharr are properly reflected."
- Fragment from 'Impressing the Daughters of the Father of Darkness', Zharr-Naggrund Library, Restricted section

Entry #11

"For Hashut, My Blood!
For Hashut, My Life!
For Hashut, My Soul!
But first Neighbour…
- Final verse of the dedication of sacrifices to Hashut as spoken by Lord Sorcerer Gred'Zoed

"We go to Dust.
We go to Ashes.
In Sorcerers we Trust,
But see to your Axes!"
- Part of a Clan Dark Fold Marching Chant

Entry #12

"Any race too weak to fight to the death, is unworthy of freedom."
- High Castellan Nabhuzzhar debating the ethics of slavery

"Why is Hashut the greatest of the Chaos Gods? He is not the strongest amongst them, or the most loved, nor has he any Daemon legions. He is the greatest of the Chaos Gods because he pursues his destiny with grim determination, through intelligence, cunning and craftsmanship. So too are we the greatest race in the world, while we are neither the strongest, the most loved or the most numerous."
- Speech of Sorcerer-Prophet Abrizhoatt, leading a Fire Mass

"It matters not that you failed to burn the world. What matters is that you lit a fire."
- Neherazsh the Flaming Bull

Entry #13

"Stand firm my kinsmen and face our enemy with stout hearts. Never shall the malicious hatred of the traitor race break our spirit or honour. Never shall the unholy and tainted enter the Temple of the Ancestor Gods. Never shall their dark fire burn through the gromril of our anvils.
Let the damned Dawi Zharr wash and break against our shield wall, like waves on a cliff and let grudges be settled tonight. Rally to me now my brothers! Rally to the banner of King Grauglim, the Banner of Karak Grimazul, the Banner of Ancestors!"
- Thane Svein Axegrinder of Karak Grimazul, 2122

"Millenia old bloodlines were slaughtered to extinction, our Temple was burnt by the the flaming brazen bull of flame and shadow and the battle standard of Karak Grimazul was stolen.
And thus Svein Axegrinder took the Slayer Oath and swore to return the Banner of Ancestors lost, or die fighting for it."
- Karak Grimazul Book of Grudges, one of countless grudges written upon the massacre at Temple Gates

"Oh, Hashut Father of Darkness! Take this enemy sacrificed, take his broken soul! An oath were sworn, and oath will not be kept. We offer you your most hated foe, let your unholy flames consume him. Shaved by the dagger cast from his standard. Bound by rope made from his beard. Oh, Hashut Father of Darkness! Hear the screams of agony and despair, know that this sacrifice has lost all his will for defiance. We cast him now into your furnace, denying his chance of death by combat. Take this enemy and dagger I offer you, eternal damnation awaits him, as he will never fulfill his oath. I too am now a slayer – a slayer of fates! Burn!"
- Sorcerer-Prophet Dazorak Fate-Slayer, Temple of Hashut, 2286

Remember, the Gold winner's prize will be one unpainted miniature of Baggronor the Mighty:

Great job folks and good luck!

The Staff
Wow. So many nice quotes and some really funny ones too. I think I'll copy them all to notepad, read them all again, delete some (and my own) and them look again untill three remains.

For those who chose three quotes I'll try looking at the combined entry. Though the single coolest of the three might take a vote.

Bloodbeard Wrote:
Wow. So many nice quotes and some really funny ones too. I think I'll copy them all to notepad, read them all again, delete some (and my own) and them look again untill three remains.

Sounds like a good idea; this is going to be harder to decide than Golden Hat is I think.

Read, reread, taking notes... I started out by judging as prose but there's just to much soul in these entries. All-in-all there's such an amazing spectrum across the quotes catching so much of the Dawi'Zharr culture in just a few sentences... One entry really stood out for me but the remaining 2 choices will be hard decisions.
Takes Hat off
Good idea, Bloodbeard!

Tapping the wider CDO community for the culture project certainly has started off well with the first Scribe's Contest. The variety, the richness, the humour, the darkness of it all. This certainly is fitting for Chaos Dwarfs. Well done, everyone!

And now the race is on for medals and mini. Happy
It all became clear to me, my votes are in Takes Hat off
My vote is in - would have been so much easier if I could have voted for four rather than three XD
Yes, this was hard to vote on. Very hard.
"Read wurds is hard...looks at da purty pictures more eazy"
-Orc Boss Noglam Rockchewer
I actually found voting quite easy

Those with multiple quotes I didnt mark down for having ones i didnt like, but gave credit to the ones i did. Its very difficult to guess which quotes were written by which people.
Great stuff guys. My votes are in. Good luck to you all
@Fuggit Khan: Haha, too true. Happy

Malorndk Wrote:
Great stuff guys. My votes are in. Good luck to you all

Nice! Will you try and enter future Scribe's Contests? I hope it's clear now how humour can feature even amongst the oppressive grimdark evil Chaos Dwarfs. Wink

Admiral Wrote:
I hope it's clear now how humour can feature even amongst the oppressive grimdark evil Chaos Dwarfs. Wink

Hah, indeed; maybe we should petition GW to get Sandy Mitchell to write a Chaos Dwarf book - Ciaphas Cain as a Dawi Zharr anyone? Wink

I'll try ofc Admiral, but I still find this king of creativity hard
This should not be allowed off the "today's posts" search!

I am inclined to agree. Wink
Last day of voting, ladies and gentlemen. Results will be up tomorrow. Happy
Haha. Big Grin

I might be busy with studies from an early hour tomorrow, so the results thread can show up later in the day than usually.
You monster!

Malorndk Wrote:
You monster!

You could of entered that as a quote...I would of voted for it Wink

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