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Full Version: Scribe's Contest I - Voting!
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Very good. That`s even more difficult than voting for paintjobs.

I think I'll copy them all to notepad, read them all again, delete some (and my own) and them look again untill three remains.

I`ll do it in a similar way.

One entry really stood out for me but the remaining 2 choices will be hard decisions.

I felt the same and had a clear favorite but the other votes cleared up as well. But maybe this are three totally different entries to yours Cheers!.

Dînadan Wrote:
My vote is in - would have been so much easier if I could have voted for four rather than three XD

Same here, I thought it was easy to select a top three, but then upon rereading, one entry jumped out that I had previously barely noticed. My votes are cast now. May the evillest dwarf win!

Bloodbeard Wrote:
This should not be allowed off the "today's posts" search!


really great entries! sad i missed this! looking forward to the next competition!
But you can vote :-)
I have  ^_^
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