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Full Version: More Mantic Abyssals
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Hey guys,
Me again

I seem to be making a habit out of these "news" type posts but Mantic have been at it again and I do so enjoy these discussions we have together.

Mantic teased a much requested K'daii Destroyer alternative shortly before the end of their Kickstarter.

You can find the final concept art here

Certainly okay if you like the magma elemental look but overall I've never put my faith in Mantic.

At least they didn't go with the original art design at the bottom of this post. It's the ugly slug poop thingy for those who couldn't tell Sick.

Also of note is the Abyssal Fiend seen here which could do well for some folks conversions. If a tad generic looking.

As per usual, thoughts and opinions?
Its not so bad from the overall look. Would be interesting to see a size comparison.
The artwork of the fiend is not vad also but from my point of view not fitting for chaos dwarfs.
The Golems look nice, as does the wound markers. We might have to get some of the latter. Happy
I kinda like the Golems, has potential. wonder about the size, hope its big enoughHappy
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