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Full Version: Absolutely random Kdaii Destroyer...
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Like i said absolute random Kdaii destroyer... and by no means fits any fluff purposes, but my local gaming community love it and the story (they) have made for it!!.

Essentially the Dwarfs were cutting some trees down and came across the ancient tree man of the forest... In his disgust of what he saw he attacked the dwarfs in order to punish them of their mistake.. the dwarfs fought back! cutting and hacking, burning and slicing... they even lodged a cannonball in it... although to no avail.

The Dwarfs escaped.. but the treeman ancient was greatly wounded. Around him the forest burned and lay in ruin, he made it his task from then on to kill those responsible..

He found some support from the mad daemon smiths of the chaos dwarfs though. They saw him as a helpful ally to help destroy their western kin with the treemans new hate!... They promised to make him as strong as ever and to make him immune to fire and promised to give him 'otherworldly' powers... These promises were granted, although it was at a great betrayal.

For he was forever encapsulated in a cage of magic and daemonic binding, unable to break free, and only ever able to do as his new masters desired...

Also anyone with google+ feel free to add me!

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Cool idea, i like the fluff behind it.
That forrest spirit will be one pissed off entity! And that daemonsmith better stay clear of Athal Loren.

I like the idea, the treman kit is great. Surprised that he looks so small on the base.

How tall is he from feet to head? Disregarding the braches/hair. I have 2k wood elves in bits - but will buold my treemen myself.
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