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Full Version: Community Awards 2014 - Nominations
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Nominated fellow users in 4/5 categories. This site is so alive right now <3
5/ 5 done. So many great people around. Difficult to choose in some categories.
Working on my nominations now, no problem at all. Cheers!

Nominees are IN!
Bumb for extra attention! <3

Malorndk Wrote:
Bumb for extra attention! <3

Takes Hat off probably wouldn't have noticed this thread if you hadn't

Quite an interesting practice you have on the forum! Cheers!

I cannot obviously vote for anybody here, since I am a new member and have a very limited knowledge about you, guys, and the forum in general. But I definitely hope to get acquainted with most of you during the following year. And hopefully I shall participate next year. Happy

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Takes Hat off

aaaaand that concludes my 1000th post Cheers!
Immortal Madhatter!!!
Read all the posts since forever <3
Did I miss something or where is written how long the polls are open :-)?
Thank you Takes Hat off

torn Wrote:
Just a quick question is it all members who were nominated in the polls or just the top 3?

just the 3 with the most nominations each if I remember it right.

cornixt Wrote:
Looks like you forgot to nominate yourself for one of the categories, Bloodbeard! Wink
A testament to the amount of work you have put in over the last year.

Chose not to. Figured no one would guess my corrupt scheme if I wasn't nominated in all 5.

Bugger, just realised I missed the deadline for nominating - thought it closed today for some reason >_<. Sorry to those I was going to nominate, hopefully you got enough nominations from others to make it through to the voting stage.
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