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Full Version: The Daemonsmith Engineer and the Great Eagles, by Zhargonidus
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The Daemonsmith Engineer and the Great Eagles, by Zhargonidus

Once upon a time, there was a cunning Daemonsmith Engineer who wished to make his artillery pieces unassailable upon the battlefield. One day, the army he was detached to faced a High Elven host on a distant island. For some days they faced off and waited for the enemy to make a move. Meanwhile, the Daemonsmith Engineer scouted the island's terrain ahead of the battle, and found the perfect position for his rocket launchers, mortars and Magma Cannons. It was atop a steep cliff with good firing arcs over the whole area.

Its walls were nigh inaccessible, yet still the Daemonsmith Engineer had his slaves dismantle the artillery pieces, climb the rock and hoist the artillery pieces up the cliff by means of crude cranes. Then the crew, then the ammunition, then the signal braziers, field altars, rations and supplies had to be hoisted up onto the cliff. It took days. Hundreds of slaves died during this labour, yet in the end they were succesful. The artillery park had gained its unassailable vantage point.

When the day of battle arrived, the Daemonsmith Engineer stood atop the cliff and directed the batteries' deadly barrage into the High Elven ranks. Yet in the midst of carnage, dark shadows swooped down from the skies and ripped the artillery crewmen to pieces. The batteries fell silent. Sharp talons ripped the flesh from off the Chaos Dwarfs and dropped shrieking slaves down the cliff face. Beaks snapped and wings fanned. The Great Eagles even tore down the cranes.

"Reinforcements to here! Help!" shouted the Daemonsmith Engineer down to his Overlord.

"How could we reach you without the cranes? We can't climb, and even if we could, we would be too slow to save you. You are doomed!" barked the Overlord.

At this, two Great Eagles snatched the Daemonsmith Engineer from the cliff and ripped him apart, high in the air. For such is the fate of those who would not see the deathtrap in the safe hideout.

- The Daemonsmith Engineer and the Great Eagles, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time
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