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Full Version: Golden Hat XXII
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Great, I have until Mars 27th!?

I know exactly what I will enter for this.

Not that it matters, but is the prize the one in the photo (i.e. painted)?
...And I just received a new string of Green Stuff Big Grin
Great theme guys! Takes Hat off

But I have really no idea what to build ...

I have to search in the internet maybe I get some inspirations!

Really really difficult to find a cool entry! Unsure

This might be a good excuse to work on some mini's again.. Time to put on my thinking cap! Happy
Just started, no idea how this will turn out... Big Grin

Bloodbeard Wrote:
And this evening my entry drew first blood! Despite being in the thumb, the superglue extravaganza stopped the bleeding fast.

Every good entry takes a good bucket full of superglue and blood.

Mine did as well, one has to be careful and follow the proper rituals to please Hashut!Respect to the Mask!

Yay, Im done! Big Grin


Big respect to the entrants for finding time in their lives to do this!
My wife broke or badly injured her tail bone. It was months before she was completely back to normal. Hope yours recovers quickly.
Sorry to hear about your wife bloodbeard. Its a good job she wasnt my wife or you would never have heard the end of not tidying that little scrap up after you were done. I suppose you can make it up to her by waiting on her hand and foot during the day, then sculpting your GH entry all night.

I have started an entry but i doubt i will finish it. Im pretty busy next week, if i can figure out ho to make flying skulls i might be able to finish the painting the week after. Its nothing big or special but I like it so far.
quick question - do you have to use a game legal base for that paricular sized miniature? e.g infantry on 20mm etc

Zanko Wrote:
I think I will finish the model next weekend!

Not sure if I will have a chance to win but I like it! Wink


yeah I am in the same boat, I think my idea is good but will be in no way grandiose enough to win

Got inspiration the other day, think I can get in done in time.
I will have mine finished by the weekend just the base to get finished really, and then some decent photos, which is not my strongpoint. I think I have hit the theme nicely and will have a usable in game miniature to show for it.

Bloodbeard Wrote:

cornixt Wrote:
Got inspiration the other day, think I can get in done in time.

That would be awesome Cornixt! Get back in the game. I hope you can get the stuff done.

Started already. The huge box of different Reaper bones miniatures has inspired me to paint more. I lost all enthusiasm a while back due to painting troops too much and it was grinding me into the dirt. As long as I can keep it varied, I might be able to keep painting for a while longer - hopefully at least until I finish my Blood Bowl teams.

done and done Happy

probably one of the best models I have ever produced, I am very happy with the results.
I won't make the deadline. Gutted but look forward to see what everyone else does.

Argh, not enough time to finish! I'll enter it, but it is decidedly shoddier than I had planned.
I thought the deadline was last sunday so did everything for then. pretty glad I did so im not rushing now.
Submitted mine, but it's not in great shape. Only realised afterward I took a close look at the photos that I had forgotten to finish painting certain bits of the model! Oh well. I'll probably have finished it properly by the time the winners are announced, so my shame will be short-lived.
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