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Full Version: Beyond the gate of Antares
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I would just like to bring to everyones attention a new sci fi skirmish wargame being written by rick priestly and made by warlord games. I played my first game last week and it was brilliant. The order dice and reaction system was so fluid the games were very tactical.

The game is currently in open beta and the rulebook is free to download. The backstory is very realistic sci-fi, not space fantasy like 40k.

I have bought myself an algoryn starter army, and have written some fiction on the warlord forums here (username ironman)

It would be great if people from here would read it and let me know what they think

a few images

I thought this was simply a sci fi version of Bolt Action?
There are quite a few differences. It uses similar concepts but every part of gameplay is different, some in subtle and some in not subtle ways. I have played a lot of bolt action and enjoyed GoA more
It is basically sci-fi Bolt Action (some people seem really eager to insist that it's not; it is, and that's not a bad thing!) and it is lots of fun. I've played a few games already and my Concord starter army is in the post.

Things I love about it: the unit activation system, game mechanics, the way both players are constantly involved, the freedom it gives you, the ideas they're developing a game around, the fact the Beta rules are available for free, the community involvement.

Things I don't love about it: almost all the models (I got Concord as they're IMO best of a bad bunch, though I'm really just waiting for the Concord Interceptors which look like they're going to be phenomenal when they arrive), the price (the starter box set me back £70 and it's only 17 models, half of the "sample army" they put in the Beta download; I could have got a huge Bolt Action army for that much money!).

It's a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant game but I'm not sure if it's going to take off because of those drawbacks. The Kickstarter failed, which should have been a big clue that something was wrong. As it's Rick's pet project they went ahead with it anyway, which I'm really pleased with because it's such a good game; but selling mediocre quality metal models at a price point more expensive even than GW means I'm really struggling to find anyone else round here willing to pick it up. (Though there is some talk of using 40K models, can't be that hard to write a BtGoA Space Marine list).
Actually models are cheaper than gw, for example 10 metal sisters of battle is £50 for similar sized metal. Those algoryn are some of the highest quality metals I have seen in a long time, although they are expensive compared to some places. I suppose it depends on personal taste but 40k is becoming too cartoony and crap basically. I Saw a space marine centurion for the first time yesterday what a horrendously horrible model. But, although I much prefer metal I know the game won't take off until plastics arrive.

I think the kick starter failed because they wanted stupid money but its better it did as the rules are being developed for longer and should be better. The beta book is better than some finished rule books I have bought in the past.

The gameplay is like bolt action but so far I've found the concise terrain rules make it faster, the subtle pinning differences means your units do more, The way assaults work means its actually still a risk even if you expect to win (unlike bolt action where you can assault every turn and be better off than if you didn't) and the shooting orders is actually going to be used by infantry because the d10 means you will nearly always only roll 1 dice, unlike bolt action where its nearly always 6+ then 6+.

And then you don't have the issue of trying to Balance real life history into a wargame.

torn Wrote:
Actually models are cheaper than gw, for example 10 metal sisters of battle is £50 for similar sized metal.

10 Concord/Algoryn/Boromites in two boxes of 5 (plus two tiny drones that barely count) are £20, 10 would be £40. Not exactly much in it - and that's if you restrict the comparison to metal models only for some reason.

Meanwhile in plastic, £24 gets you 25 Bolt Action figures from the same company, or even 10 Space Marines from GW. Model-to-model Antares figures are dramatically more expensive than Space Marines. It's insane.

BtGoA is priced at least comparably with GW, that's undeniable, and it's an absolutely terrible idea at a time when people are leaving GW in droves due to the price.

So it is a "buy the rules, use your own models" game?
The models come with bases? Why are they on pre-slotta type tabs?  That's just stupid, and probably the first time I've seen any new metal models done like that in many years.
Bitter man - I wouldn't compare plastics to metal price wise, but I have a feeling the extra cost over warlords historical ranges is to cover the games development. I'm guessing warlord wants BtGoA to make a certain amount of money to put into a plastic tool.

Cornixt - I think they are planning a full miniatures release

Grim - almost all historical or pulp manufacturers use those little bases on metals rather than tabs. I'm guessing they kept the style for BtGoA so they could use the smaller renedra style bases in all their games. Personal preference but I like the thin bases for everything apart from warhammer so suits me fine.
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