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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf featured in a Card Game
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...Did you guys know about this?

Me neither. However, guess what? We're in Happy!

I mean, check out the quote under Hthark's card. I found it hilarious Big Grin.

Has anyone tried this game out? How is it?
It's a brilliant game. For people knowing bloodbowl it's even better.

Good humor,  tactics and relatively fast to play.

Perfect way to get some bloodbowl feel without hauling around miniatures and keeping rosters.

My club has two. We use them during breaks on the Ratt League finals gameday.
yeah played it, tried it as the chaos dwarfs as well. loads of fun.
Can you guys give a little more details? How the game's structured, how does it work, and so on...
Fantasy Flight Games have a six veideo series on the game.
I've got the base game, but not played it yet. Reminds me that I should give it a go!

Bloodbeard Wrote:
Fantasy Flight Games have a six veideo series on the game.

Neat! The game does sound like fun! Now, if I only had a club of nerds to play it with...

Its really accessible for people who don't even play bloodbowl, you basically play your cards off against your opponents trying to win matches, and having the most fans at the end of the season makes you the winner.
Played it today. Underestimated the learning curve! Very steep. Next time we play it will go a lot smoother.
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