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Full Version: Archaon End Times ! (Possible Spoiler)
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(! Possible Spoiler !)

Hi Guys !

Nothing overwhelming we were all aware of that I think Cheers!

Alone for the end time Big Grin

So, no we won't get merged with Warriors of Chaos, and I guess we won't be mentioned whatsoever . (I mean they'll describe chaos warmachine but we don't really care much as it brings nothing to our fluff ^^)

But wtf Skaven ^^.

UPDATE with Some info on the end times:
Utterly disappointing. They even gave ZOMBIE PIRATES some love. Although I suspect that they will leave Forgeworld the honour to deal with our story, as soon as 9th kicks off.

Bloodbeard Wrote:
Buuh! Hisss!


I updated the first post with this link


I thought it might interest quite a lot of you !
the End is nigh:


Ungrim and the dwarfs defend Avenheim thanks to Gelt’s Crucible but, in the end, they sacrifice themselves while imperials and bretonnians flee. Ungrim’s slayers fight against Zhufbar’s hosts.

Nagash offers Mannfred to the elves as a sing of good will, snaring him in a prison made of death magic.

Be’lakor frees Mannfred and tells him the truth about Lileath. He is later found by Jerrod (Be’lakor’s plan all the time) and tells him the truth about Lileath. Jerrod lets Mannfred live, who then flees and calls her. She admits the truth, saying that she is the Lady of the Lake, and also that she pushed Bretonnia out of the Stone Age and saved them from the greenskins and themselves. She says that she won’t ask for forgiveness, because the sacrifice of Bretonnia was needed to create the Haven. Then Be’lakor appears when Jerrod is about to kill her. They both fight and the demon defeats Jerrod (but does not kill him), and turns to kill Lileath, but Malekith and Tyrion pop out and trap Be’lakor.

Jerrod returns to his people and tells them about the Lady. They decide not to fight alongside the treacherous elves, returning to Bretonnia. No more is known of them.

After the fall of Averheim, the Incarnates face the daemonic host. The battle is hopeless, so Lileath sacrifices willingly to Teclis in order to give him the needed power to move them to Middenheim. A titanic battle takes place there, and the incarnates travel to the caverns located beneath the city, where Archaon, the Swords of Chaos, and the 4 greater daemons with their respective hosts are waiting. Grimgor fights Arachaon and almost defeats him, but Archaon manages to kill the orc. Then Archaon faces Sigmar, the Emperor, who after a long battle defeats him, throwing him inside a rift created by the Old Ones’ artifact that the chaos guys activated to destroy the world. The surviving Incarnates, aided by Teclis (who now holds the winds of Fire and Beasts), try to close the rift. They could have succeeded, but Mannfred betrays his master (Nagash) killing Gelt. Teclis tries to absorb the wind of Metal, but fails and dies, so the rift feeds on them and sucks out all the Incarnate’s powers. Archaon appears again, climbing out of the rift, and faces SIgmar one more time. They both are last seen fighting against each other, with Ghal-Maraz being held by Archaon as Sigmar tried to smash him. Meanwhile, Malekith saves Alarielle from being crushed by debris, and then she and Tyrion turn their backs and walk away while the Eternity King dies in pain, with his legs crushed. They both look back at the growing rift while the darkness swallows them.

Game Over.

I finally deciphered my feelings towards all this. At first, when Nagash was released, I was extremely happy to see Warhammer's timeline moving forward. However, as the End Times went on, I grew more and more uninterested in the event, as it brought my all time favourite fantasy world to utter extinction. Now I am torn between an odd mixture of genuine curiosity and overwhelming sadness.

My only hope is that the new background is going to be as strong as the old one with the addition of interesting new factions... Which, let's face it, it's a possibility! I mean, some people might say that GW screwed up a lot of things during the past decade, but the company still counts some talented writers and game developers in its working force (thank GOD Matt Ward is gone). The saga of the End Times it's a solid proof of it, as it is an extremely enjoyable read (or at least it is for a non native speaker).

Still, deep in my heart, my main concern is whether or not my two only loves (Lizzies & Chaos Dwarfs) will be able to see the dawn of this new era.
Damn i need to read these new books. Lizardmen and Chaos dwarfs are two really unique fantasy races so i agree with you skink that their legacy should be preserved. And i think everyone who frequents this forum would agree!
Well this ending really allows a huge range of opportunity !

Looking forward to seeing 9th edition !

Forgefire Wrote:
Damn i need to read these new books.

Do it, doesn't matter if you like the fluff or not. All the books make for a very enjoyable read, their story is really well told and from a non native speaker's perspective it's very easy to go through them. On top of that every chapter creates extremely vivid mental images. Seriously, you'll find yourself marching with the Blightkings knee-deep in the snow, the only sound being the howls of the wind. Epic!


I'm 100% certain CD's will go the way of the squats. Hope I'm wrong, it has been known!

I'm 100% certain CD's will go the way of the squats.

That didn't stop us last time, it won't stop us this time.

Bloodbeard Wrote:

Baggronor Wrote:

I'm 100% certain CD's will go the way of the squats.

That didn't stop us last time, it won't stop us this time.

Can I get 'hell yeah' people?!"


Bloodbeard Wrote:
What would you bring in a 2000p list?

Sorcerer Prophet, 2+ / 4++, Lore of Undead (spam ethereals),

Sorcerer Prophet, 2+ / 4++, Arabian carpet, Lore of Hashut (spam ash storm),

K'daai Destroyers.


Herby Wrote:
that's the word. EPIC!

Eh. I don't know. I reckon that the word that should be used in this instance is much less pleasant. Personally I would NEVER play a game with a list like that (unless it's against elves).


Baggronor Wrote:

I'm 100% certain CD's will go the way of the squats.

That didn't stop us last time, it won't stop us this time.

Well Squats just vanished off the face of the earth. CD's weren't wiped out of Warhammer quite that badly, first of all they were kept alive by ravening hordes, then by the release of the Hellcannon. This time around though I see them getting Squatted for realz yo

I was wondering the same regarding Aborash.

What happened to the vampire who overcame his bloodlust?

I thought he dedicated is life to achieve incredible feats of arms ?

I guessed that IT was the time for him to come into this mess and slam some bottoms!
Lots of stuff got left out that should have been put in. Like a final showdown between the Dwarfs and the Chaos Dwarfs for starters. Just a couple of paragraphs of text would have sufficed (though a scenario would have been nice).

I wonder if Unbound Warhammer will continue into 9th? If so, I guess there will be new army lists designed for that style. Interesting and slightly terrifying.

Also Tyrion. He should have stayed dead.
From Warseer:

Grimgor Ironhide and his Beast-Waaagh destroyed the Chaos Dwarves and, surprisingly, Nippon. Golgfang Maneater managed to get them inside Zhar Nagrund. Grimgor calls himself the "Boss of the East". He also killed Greasus Goldtooth and dislikes that the Ogres are bigger than he is. Borgut Facebeater gets namedropped too, as he tried to take over from Grimgor and had to die.

Later, Grimgor thinks to himself; "I miss Borgut.", which felt like a reference to players missing him.

Yay, CDs finally got a mention in the End Ti-


So CDs got squatted, and shortly afterward the entire Warhammer World got squatted.

That's the end of that then, thanks for thirty years of nice fluff GW. So long, and thanks for all the slaves.

Sweet. If that's true then I'm done!
Destroyed by a Black Orc would be fitting for CDs.
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