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Full Version: Admiral is now an Admin
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Congratulations Admiral for this! Your active work and constant kind words on this forum are legendary.
I hope that this recognition will not take too much of your time !
Congratz! We have done a great catch there!
Definitely congratulations to a well deserved reward.
Thank you very much, folks! It's very kind of you. Takes Hat off

This adminship will however only be relevant if I can handle the technical course Xander will give us. I presume it will be difficult since I've not dabbled in those arts of techno-arcana before, but it's worth a shot for sure to learn something new. If it works out, then great, if not, then revert to mod and go on as usual. Happy

It just occurred to me that we haven't had announcement posts in the Website News for when Bloodbeard and TimeofMadness ascended the ranks. Perhaps we should modify this announcement to include their entry into the Staff (and Bloodbeard's adminship) for the sake of record and completeness?
Congratz Admiral, well deserved!!! One of the best ones on this amazing forum with amazing members... !!WinkWink
Huzzah! Respect to the Hat!
gratz admiral
Hashut be praised for such wonderful news Hashut!
Truly the Scandinavian Viking raiding parties have traversed the length of the world and have firmly landed in the Dark Lands Cheers!
Congrats Admiral, this is wonderful news, and I want to thank you as well for taking on the added responsibilities that being an Admin will entail.
You're a good man for the job Happy
Sooooo...does this mean your cat will assume duties as a Moderator?

Bloodbeard Wrote:

Main Page Update
If you have any wishes, suggestions or other concerns regarding CDOs main page, reply to this thread or send me a PM.

The main page/title index needs pics of some Big Hats! It only has pics of helms/masks Sad
Nothing wrong with pics of helms/masks, but please add some Big Hats to balance it out (maybe even a Hobgoblin?!) Takes Hat off

It's about time!
Congrats dude! Takes Hat off


Bloodbeard Wrote:
You are absolutely right Mr. Fuggit Khan. Which armies do you suggest should go into the main page representing the big hats?

Dang, my thought process did not take that minor detail into account Sad
There are lots of great Big Hat models here on CDO...perhaps a public poll can help decide?
In fact, how about all new model pics shown on the main page, new pics of helms/masks/hats...the old pics are cool, but maybe it's time for something new?

Well done Happy

Dînadan Wrote:
Congrats Admiral, that's a well earned promotion.  Btw, what is the next rank up from Admiral?  Isn't it the highest rank in the naval hierarchy? Tongue Wink

He's Admineral now.


@Fuggit Khan: My cat will keep to the shadows and rule indirectly as a grey eminence and puppet master. Or go on toppling our miniatures. Big Grin

Thank you very much, everyone! If I do manage to learn the mysteries of software from Xander, the purpose of the Adminship is simply to help with updating the front page galleries as a way to "conclude" the contests we run (apart from their pages in WoH, which hopefully is to come a bit later). And maybe do some more besides, but the initial scope is limited on purpose here.

We've got quite some competition winners to catch up with, and a new Scribe's Contest gallery to create. Nowadays, there's probably up towards a dozen armies which should make it to the army gallery. Perhaps even more. We hope to not only display the sheer skill and creativity of members, but also the width and variety of GW's and people's take on Chaos Dwarfs. Ideally, we'll end up with some 3rd edition army, some big hat armies, some LoA armies, some mixed armies and some scratchbuilt armies. As Bloodbeard pointed out, feel free to nominate armies for the gallery!

Haha, we'll settle for Admineral, in order to masquerade as a mining prospector when among the landlubbers. Tongue Wink

In the Royal Navy hierarchy, I guess First Sea Lord would be the highest rank?

Bloodbeard Wrote:
We are not gonna delete the old armies (they are still great).

Yes, agreed! Please don't delete pics of the old armies, you're right, they are all great.
What I meant to say is to possibly update the CDO banner (sorry, I earlier referred to 'main page' pic, I meant to say the that what it's called?)...the banner only shows helms/ possibly update the CDO banner to include some Big Hats Takes Hat off

Admineral? lacking in something in his diet because he spends so much time writing?
I would go for AdmirableWink
welcome Adminral Wink
Thank you kindly folks! Admineral it is then. Takes Hat off

Been away and busy for various reasons. Will continue to be that for this week, but hopefully will be back as normal by next week.

@Abecedar: Haha, who knows? That, or maybe an abundance of minerals due to turning to stone!

@Yodrin: Too kind! Wink

Regarding the banner idea, we should ideally have one 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf, one 4th edition Chaos Dwarf, one Hobgoblin, (at least) one Hellcannon Chaos Dwarf, one scratchbuilt (BFSP?) Chaos Dwarf and one Legion of Azgorh Chaos Dwarf to represent the different eras of GW Dawi Zharr. Nicodemus is the man for this task, both for choosing miniatures and creating a neat banner with the right fonts. And I'd please like to keep at least one of the masked Chaos Dwarfs seen in the current banner in a new one, for the sake of continuity if nothing else.

Don't miss Scribe's Contest III and your chance to put your mark on Chaos Dwarfs in the End Times!
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