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Full Version: [03-29-17] Unbal Elgrak Braz, The Beginnings of Madness
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For someone confessing a degree of madness you certainly are organised.
Or is organisation a sign of a diseased mind ....
Or ...

OK thinking too much.  Will look forward to seeing your endeavours as you reveal them
Hmm, given the models you're using as a base don't have big bits of armour, I think your colour scheme is going to be hard to work on the models themselves, but the shields would be a great place to bring in the yellow.
Your pictures are amazingly small, Sadly i can't help you Sad

gIL^ Wrote:
Your pictures are amazingly small

That was my first thought as well, but then I clicked on the pics and it brings up a full size pic to admire.
Some very interesting conversions! I love seeing such a variety of bits being used...and using the organ gun as large blunderbuss barrels is pretty cool Happy

Nice start, sent some slaves to help with getting along!
Very nice start to your armyblog Ranaxom. Very nice indeed.

But don't edit a post with your current WIPs. Let it flow and add more posts as you go. It's a fantastic hobby experience to look back through peoples blogs (and your own as well). I would suggest you instead add a table of contents right from the start.

I like the over-the-top crazy look of those miniatures. Do those blunderbusses really rank up? As you need a minimum of 20 dudes in the regiment for them to work properly I have a suggestion. Make 20 loader models as well. Having 20 of those crazy shoulder cannon dudes would look too much. So adding some loaders would make some space in the regiment, make it easier to rank up and save you some organ guns.
I've always thought that those helms lent themselves toward being big-hats. I'd go with what you said about varying degrees of changes to them in details. I think that will work well.
I think the blue, silver and turquoise should go well together.   I have tried turquoise but soon discovered it didn't work with mine as one of my main colours is orange.   The turquoise is OK with it but as very small highlights only.
I'm not sure how they will fit the dark lovecraft look.
For your beasts etc then it has to be Cthulhu look with the tentacles. I've always admired it.
Nicely done on the conversions, and very time consuming I imagine.  Looking forward to seeing these painted.  

The war picks work extremely well and are a unique selection for chaos dwarves similar to your handling of the blunderbuss troops using the organ gun.  I think you should definitely do enough warpick troops for however many troops you plan to have.  That stated, I am very curios to see what other interesting and unique weapon options you come up with!

I also vote for more mutations as that seems to be a staple of your fluff and in line with the cthonian theme.  Perhaps some seemingly normal troops with more subtle mutations.

Great progress.  Cheers!
I really like them, they have turned out brilliantly.  
I only wish you could have made the beards/tentacles smaller or leaner.  
They are quite chunky.   I have tried and failed myself so would appreciate any tips and help.
The knight looks like it would work, though just shortening his torso and legs might have been easier.

The bull is nice, I got one in a sort of plastic (not white)  I think it is this one from Reaper.

I think the dwarf figure is this one.  A Bederkin Dwerg (Dwarf) BD0104 Dwerg Sorcerers
Azgabble MadDruid.

Though the detail looks very fuzzy but that may be just the picture.
dead I've never seen Cthulhu Dwarfs before! Damn rad!
Good blog update.

It's always hard to tell details in the greenstuff, for me it's easier when the model is base coated - so make sure to share them again. Cthulhu Dwarfs is a great idea. I love good old Tulle.

Looking forward to seeing some paint on your stuff.
Hail our dread lord! I agree with Bloodbeard, the greens are hard to make sense of, curious for painted models!
Solid new conversions! I've never been a fan of Cthulu, but I think you'll pull off this theme very well indeed. Already some flair apparent in your sculpting. Nice improvements over older conversions, too. Keep at it!
These are looking great.  Definitely looking forward to the painted models.  I think those sculpted details will really pop.  Your sculpting is improving.  Nice job on the skull and dragon on the overlord, and a great use of bones bits.   A big fan of the lovecraftian theme.  Cheers!
A good start.  The blue and yellow theme follow the Assyrian  inspiration to the Chaos Dwarfs very well.  Reminds me of the colors on the reconstructed Ishtar Gate uncovered in the ruins of Babylon.
Using a lowlight (either as a base or strategically applied) and highlight color for your key surfaces such as face and beard will go along way to adding depth.

And if I haven't previously stated, also digging the hexagonal big hat.  Nice!
Keep em coming!
I too 'dig' the Hex Hat, not too fond of the other one though
I will follow this army with great interest. Cthulho dwarfs are a good mix.

Great idea and great start. Keep them coming!
Shaping up quite nicely. You've got a distinct appearance going! I wonder if the yellow areas could pop with some sepia wash and maybe re-highlighting?
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