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When was the last time you actually played a game of siege?

The reason I ask this because I have been thinking of the jugger and it makes sense to use it there.
the last seige i played was a druchii grudge match between me and another druchii player.  1500/3000 points.  learned alot that game....
About 2 months ago. I have this "Helms Deep" themed terrain piece (well actually it is more like a table of its own). Some very nice games there,with different match-ups using the WD rules from that Bret-Darkelf game(8Kpoint!)
I played last about two years ago. It didnt really work. But thats probably cause i didnt know the rules perfectly.
I play it infrequently. The first time ever was in 3rd edition. We spend ages making terrain, a castle, siege weapons you name it. Fired the first 10-man cannon at the walls and shattered it with one shot. Frantic reading and rereading produced no clarification other then the result. We eventually discovered from others yes indeed the rules were that bad.
The rule sin the main BRB were only for those that couldn't be bothered to buy the siege book and so they didn't go into much detial, just providing the bare bones necessary to puzzle your way through the game. Last I plyed was in Summer when EvilClown came to England and stayed with me for a week. We'd planned a massive 6 person battle, to which only 5 turned up, one of whom left early. Blunderbusses wiped out 750points of VC in one shot that day. There were only 12 in the unit! However, we merely used the same points amount each and gave each other some siege equipment each for free. Good fun was had that day. It worked out to be a draw in the end!
I played one about 6 months ago using my regular Dwarfs versus Orcs.
I lost in the last turn when his giant kicked in my castle door.
i enjoy the seige rules from 6th's BRB.  i think it is fun to do, and makes a great battle in campaigns.  great weapons on the walls striking first!
i play a siege game over a year ago.It was chaos vs good  i got stuck with a wood elf with my dwarfs yea that was fun.My thunders and bolt thower kick butt till i was over ran by gobo orc and ogre(dow )
the best thing was i killed 3 yetes with my bolt thower man that guy was pist.i cought them in a crossfire between the 2 bolt thowers. but we had like 2000pt per person  6 people per team
I only rarely play seige but when I do its part of a campaign. Last time the climax was my flayerkin storming the walls of brass keep and then Middenheim in a SoC refight campaign my gaming group played. It was awesome as between us we had big enough collections to represent all the different armies - except this time the non-special character's names were our own and they played a full part. Brass keep fell and chaos went on to win the day at Middenheim, with Valten killing Grimgor but being slain himself by Archaon. The everchosen himself fell to a tag team of 5 seperate characters, but by then he'd been worn down by Valten - took four of them with him though. Much better finish than the actual campaign!
What no Boar Centaur storming the ramparts of Middenheim??? Sounds great thou, any pics of that many troops on the board?
Sadly no Sad. At some point I'm planning to set up my entire chaos army for a photo shoot, but that involves shipping it all from the loft to my mate's house and back - I just don't have the space to set it up nicely
that would been cool .AGPO
I'll probablly take shots of each element seperatly - Slaanesh, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Undidvided and Beasts. Then I can get on with adding some daemons!
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