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Full Version: Predictions, Three Times Three, of An Ending of All
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Predictions, Three Times Three, of An Ending of All

Lo and behold! Upon the sixth day following the feast of Ulkzhana the Golden Fertile - shackled consort of the Father of Darkness, divine lord of our tribe - I singlehandedly crushed and trampled the Ashnose Goblins at the precipice of the Grand Flamecanyon, landscar left by His left horn in ancient days.

This mighty deed of mine was carried out under the bale gaze of the Chaos moon, and whosoever challenge the claims and foretellings left upon this stone will be torn asunder from inside by captured embers of destroyed K'daai.

Many were the crude weaklings hurled into the fiery chasm. Their bodies, souls and everlasting agonies were dedicated to Him alone, for I magnanimously kept no slave or loot from this cruel victory, but instead offered up every gain won upon the battlefield in a grand sacrifice to Chaos through high Hashut.

This mighty deed of mine was carried out since the broken Daemon Prince Ghurlzuu confessed under dire arcane torture that the omens witnessed upon the sixth day following the feast of Ulkzhana the Golden Fertile - shackled consort of the Father of Darkness, divine lord of our tribe - would be true. Due adulation and proper sacrifices were carried out in molten iron and upon a fiery altar beneath the vigilant gaze of His mighty idols, for I humbly wished to praise and pay homage to high Hashut for this opportune revelation, and not leave the envious and wrathful Bull God, lord of our damned souls, unrecognized. Therefore am I pious and destined for greatness under His dominon.

Thus I sacrificed the Ashnose tribe in the Grand Flamecanyon, landscar of His left horn, and thus I beseeched the Father of Darkness and asked of Him to grant me a vision of great events to come. And He showed me a future, for He knew I served him well and true, yet I was not to be seen in this future. As testimony of our pact, the Thunderbull raged in the stormy heavens, and the Great Firebull quaked the lands to seal the hungry rift, just as He has rent open and closed countless fissures before it.

Upon the blood of my sons I swear that my vision, bestowed upon me by Him when on high, is true. This future cannot be escaped, yet it may happen to us in another world not here, for such are the capricious ways of the Realm of Chaos.

Three times three predictions do I make:

The dead will live anew to die again, for the lord of death will return to challenge Chaos for mastery over the fate of creation.

The powers will coalesce into the powerful, for the arcane winds of the Polar Gates will take residence in mortals, and might akin to that of the gods will stalk the lands.

The fallen will rise to fall a last time, for the bale moon of Chaos will break and spill its innards over us, and destruction will reign.

The hidden will cease to hide, for the four Dark Gods will become five, and both gods and worshippers will clash.

The damnation will claim the damned, for the tribe will stand strong with their Father and break the wall of order for Chaos, and those made great by gods to fall, will fall.

The dominated will overthrow the dominator, for the great city of pillars and pits will fall to the vengeful hands of slaves and barbarian hordes, and the high will be brought low.

The sane will turn insane, for the last great battle will rage as above, so below, and the warriors will fall in war.

The doomed will have their doom, for the world itself will shatter and die, and those mortals not chosen by the gods will perish.

The end of creation will not be the end of all creation, for the ascendant Man-God will survive alone among us to join forces with the Dragon Deity, and the cycle of struggle will begin anew.

I, Garhumilkarzuk the Great, let carve these words.

- Glowing inscription carved into obsidian pedestal of the petrified Sorcerer-Prophet Garhumlikarzuk Fellcurse*

* Various versions of the rambling, self-appraising and repetitive structure displayed by this inscription can be found in a great number of texts written by the elite priesthood of the Temple of Hashut.
Nice work.

Is the repetition supposed to evoke the style of ancient myths such as Homer where repetition was used to make it easier for it to be memorised for reciting?

Indeed it is! Mesopotamian epics on withering cuneiform clay tablets have been translated more or less completely thanks in part to the bland repetition of passages. Where you have one lacuna (parts missing) inside a repetition of a title or the like, you just search for how the missing bits look elsewhere in similar parts of the text.

Also, it's damn easy to write something like this once you've got a repetitive structure as framework, and just lets your imagination run amok searching for suitable words to slot into the mould.
Thanks Teach. I Love reading your musings. They bring out evocative images at times, like with the chasms and horns this time.
And does that mean you've found me an excuse for my verbal Diarrhea
You're welcome Abecedar, and thank you very much! I hope you're feeling up to sharing some more fiction of your own with us (though it could take some weeks before I get back home and to the forum to read it). Happy
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