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Full Version: Plastic Cultists
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Plastic fantasy cultist. They might make for nice hobgoblin conversions or just troops if your running Chaos.

I'll wait for pics of the minis before I get excited.

The cultists are not released yet. It looks like they have them slated for November.

The quality of their other sculpts seems pretty good. On par with mordheim models. The game seems like a mordheim style game, with small parties of adventurers led by a wizard exploring the frozen city of Frost Grave. Mainly human models. They have a plastic soldiers box with models that look much better than the GW mordheim plastic mercenaries models IMO.

I like the look of this guy too.
I really like these, but they don't look like 28mm scale even though they are...?  Strange.

They'd be good to mix in with bretonnian men at arms.  The warriors not the cultists.
There is something distinctly World of Warcraft about them.  Good quality sculpts though.
Those are all pretty nice models for a fair price. If only I could find a store that had them rather than pay the hefty postage.
I've only heard good things about the game, though I admit I haven't investigated yet. I've seen people picking it up as an alternative to AoS.
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