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Full Version: [AoS] More Sigmarine releases
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The Stormcast Eternals now get a musician and standard bearer Heraldor and Vexillor join their ranks:

Nice minis, but as always expensive (£15 and £18 respectively).  Plus it's yet another Sigmarine release - wish they'd give some of the other factions some love as constant releases for this one army are getting a bit stale if you ask me :/
It's been, like, two months, and Chaos have had stuff interspersed in there too. The weekly release schedule skews perceptions of the rate of release imo.
Possibly, it seems like every time I see a release for AoS it's for Stormcasts, but it's possible that I've missed things.  Still, it'd be nice for some of the other factions to get stuff for some variety.
I would totally convert the Knight-Heraldor into drunk guy affectionately bringing his drink to his lips hahah.


I think chaos are up next. there were rumors a long time ago of a big chaos dragon, would be pretty cool to see. Some new chaos knights too would be nice. So far no Cav, no Monstrous infantry, no war machines. the Sigmarines are a pretty boring army so far just like an elite strike force/combat squad, kinda like assault marines , contributes to that everyone run into the middle of the table and roll 4+'s type gameplay. Cavalry, MB and Warmachines were some of my fav parts of wfb. All they've given you here is an entire army of dudes who looks the same, act the same and cost the same.
There's a few new battle tiles (terrain) coming for AoS.  Two of which involve lava from what I've read on Dakka.

Something to keep an eye out for.

More khorne stuff coming and repackaged things.
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