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Full Version: AoS & Chaos Dwarf Renegades.
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Hi all.

I have been hunting through the site and have found a fan made set of War Scrolls for the Legion of Astragoth. Fantastic as they are, I was wondering f anyone has made any for the 1st edition models "Renegades"

I am currently using a bit of a mishmash of Dwarf, Skaven and Beastmen rules to use my army and am thinking of making a set of scrolls my self. But if ts done already and includes things like the Whirlwind, Bazookas and Juggernaut then this would be very excellent!
Mine includes the weapon teams and the whirlwind/tenderiser, albeit under different names.
Ahh Found it, did not see them hiding there thank you! Just noticed the petard and Bazookas as well. Good job sir!
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