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Full Version: FC's 4th Ed Chaos Dwarf PLog
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Looks great!
Welcome.  Very nice to see your army.
Is the next step some Hobgoblins?
Great to see you've made it to CDO! Your painting and colour choice is great, and together with the clear pictures they let the viewer appreciate all the details of the 4th edition Blunderbussers.

Besides, how about drilling out the blunderbuss muzzles to get some depth in them?
Damn crisp painting. And the colour work is great too! Big Grin
Very nice. Am impressed with the work you are doing with the banners too
Superb banners!
The banners look as good as the rest of the miniatures' paintjob, and that's saying something. Well done!
Im loving your skin colour choice!

Great looking bunch so far!
Really great work!

Love your skin colour and the banners! Takes Hat off

You've done really well, really quickly.
Is that all of them done now?
Good looking critter.
How many of them do you have?
Excellent take on the best miniature range ever released by GW Takes Hat off
I love it
Not a fan of big hats but these are well done. You have a distinct painting style: very cleanly done.
Well Done
An army you should be proud of! I love people that paint so clean. I love also the references to the old classic 4th-5th edition painting style but modernized to today's standards!

EffCee Wrote:
It's been a slog collecting Hobgoblins so far, but I'm getting there Happy

Eh. Welcome to the club mate. Anyway, Hobbos look super cool! I am a big fan of your crisp and clear painting style!

Beatiful unit and great bases! Takes Hat off
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